Translation for 'nitrophenol' from English to Russian
NOUN   nitrophenol | nitrophenols
нитрофенол {м}
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Translation for 'nitrophenol' from English to Russian

нитрофенол {м}хим.
Usage Examples English
  • TFM (3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol) is a common piscicide, i.e., a fish poison used to combat parasitic and invasive species of fish.
  • Furthermore, another open reading frame was identified downstream of "opd" and encodes a protein that further degrades "p"-nitrophenol, one of the byproducts of OP degradation.
  • 4-Nitrophenol can be prepared by nitration of phenol using dilute nitric acid at room temperature. The reaction produces a mixture of 2-nitrophenol and 4-nitrophenol.
  • The chemical is changed to other substances (dyestuffs and "m"-nitrophenol) during the dyeing process.
  • 4-nitrophenol can be reduced through a variety of methods, to yield 4-aminophenol.

  • TFM (3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol) is the main chemical used for this purpose. As it is hydrophobic, it passes through biological membranes.
  • In one method, nitration of phenol with nitric acid affords 4-nitrophenol, which is reduced to 4-aminophenol by hydrogenation over Raney nickel.
  • Nickel niobate has been examined for use as a catalyst to reduce 4-nitrophenol due to a photo-synergistic effect that exploits the synergy between thermal active sites and photogenerated electrons.
  • For styrene, nitrophenol compounds such as dinitro-ortho-cresol and di-nitro-sec-butylphenol (DNBP) have long been the important, however they are coming under regulatory pressure due to their high toxicity.
  • Degradation of parathion leads to more water-soluble products. Hydrolysis, which deactivates the molecule, occurs at the aryl ester bond resulting in diethyl thiophosphate and 4-nitrophenol.

  • The effect of vitamin A deficiency on the activation of sulphate and its transfer to p-nitrophenol in rat liver: K.
  • The "carrot truffle", "Stephanospora caroticolor", contains the compound stephanosporin, a 2-chloro-4-nitrophenol precursor.
  • This enzyme attaches N-acetylneuraminic acid in alpha-2,6-linkage to N-acetyl-galactosamine only when present in the structure, where R may be protein or p-nitrophenol.
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