Translation for 'no way' from English to Russian
ни в коем случае {adv}no way
Partial Matches
отступить [сов.]to give way
отойти [сов.] [отступить]to give way
отходить [несов.] [отступать]to give way
отступать [несов.]to give way
сюда {adv} [как указание]this way
В какую сторону?Which way?
так {adv} [таким образом]this way
туды {adv} [просторечное слово]that way
таким образом {adv}this way
способ {м}way [manner]
нет {adv}no
таким образом {adv}in this way
в некотором роде {adv}in some way
быт {м}way of life
доро́га {ж}way [route, path]
unverified держаться избранного путиto keep a way
трёхходовой вентиль {м}
three-way valve
улица {ж} с односторонним движением
one-way street
кстати {adv}by the way
Курить воспрещается!No smoking!
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Usage Examples English
  • Egypt agreed to provide 600,000 liters of fuel to Gaza daily, but it had no way of delivering it that Hamas would agree to.
  • They also face the common problem that, as yet, there is no way to put quantum gravity predictions to experimental tests (and thus to decide between the candidates where their predictions vary), although there is hope for this to change as future data from cosmological observations and particle physics experiments becomes available.
  • Fellatio cannot result in pregnancy, as there is no way for ingested sperm to reach the uterus and fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg cell.
  • There is no way to avoid all of these programs by testing them in some way before executing them due to the non-computability of the halting problem.
  • It included several cut tracks, such as the CD exclusive bonus track "Time After Time", B-side exclusives "Buildings Have Eyes" and "After All", the "Afterglow" exclusives "Mandalay" and "Hello My Old Friend", and the 2001 reissue exclusives "Endless Lies" and "No Way Out".

  • There was no division instruction (but various division subroutines were supplied) and no way to directly load a number into the accumulator (a "sTore and zero accumulator" instruction followed by an "Add" instruction were necessary for this).
  • It in no way assures that the author of that site or blog is an expert.
  • For centuries scientists, philosophers, and science fiction writers suspected that extrasolar planets existed, but there was no way of knowing whether they were real in fact, how common they were, or how similar they might be to the planets of the Solar System.
  • At the time, there was no way of knowing how important this connection would be to the history and discovery of vaccinations.
  • Kaye stated he never returned to the venue because there was no way to recreate the magic of that time.

  • Because the client has no way to validate the identity of a DHCP server, unauthorized DHCP servers (commonly called "rogue DHCP") can be operated on networks, providing incorrect information to DHCP clients.
  • Despite this and other speculation, Beckham made it clear that the move in no way signalled his intent to leave MLS and announced his intent to return to the Galaxy in time for the start of the 2009 season in March.
  • Even if there were a deceiving god (or an evil demon), one's belief in their own existence would be secure, for there is no way one could be deceived unless one existed in order to be deceived.
  • There is no way to choose a positive integer at random so that each positive integer occurs with equal probability, but statements about "randomly chosen integers" such as the ones above can be formalized by using the notion of "natural density".
  • The early Roman calendar, which had no way of designating the days of the winter months other than to lump them together as "winter", is an example of an incomplete calendar, while the Gregorian calendar is an example of a complete calendar.

  • It is known that the annalists used material from earlier chronicles, as well as from oral sources such as sagas, but there is no way to tell where these lines came from.
  • In the functional view, in particular, there is no way (or need) to define an "abstract variable" with the semantics of imperative variables (namely, with [...] and [...] operations).
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