Translation for 'noetic' from English to Russian
ADJ   noetic | more noetic | most noetic
NOUN   noetic | noetics
SYNO intellectual | noetic | rational
ноэтический {adj}
постигаемый [прич.] умом
интеллектуальный {adj}
noetic [rare]
мыслительный {adj}
noetic [rare]
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Translation for 'noetic' from English to Russian

ноэтический {adj}псих.филос.

unverified постигаемый [прич.] умомфилос.
noetic [rare]
интеллектуальный {adj}спец.

мыслительный {adj}псих.филос.
Usage Examples English
  • In 1893, and twice during the next 14 years, Percival had the unique experience of being "conscious of Consciousness," a potent spiritual and noetic enlightenment.
  • However, both his semantic memory and noetic consciousness remained unimpaired.
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded in 1973) describes noetic sciences as "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world".
  • Faith is the intuitive, noetic experience of the nous or spirit.
  • The operation of faith being the means of free will by which mankind faces the future or unknown, these noetic operations contained in the concept of insight or "noesis".

  • The decisive importance he attributes to the hierarchical structure in art derives from the fact that hierarchy is a universal ordering relation, and is the most general principle of order existing in the universe at all levels: macro and micro, in the physical, biological, social and noetic world.
  • He likewise emphasised that the noetic effects of sin rendered theistic proofs useless.
  • In the fourteenth chapter, "The Unpacking Of God", Wilber describes aspects of particular historical nondual views that could possibly heal the noetic fissures in the West, especially spiritual practice as understood by Zen and Dzogchen Buddhism.
  • It also involved the reactivation of the old Greek noetic capacity, and the ability to 'see' or produce the theory (Greek "theoria" from the verb 'to see') dynamic polarities, or natural Laws, the dynamic transcendent (foundational) entities that Plato termed 'Ideas' ("eidos").
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is an American non-profit parapsychological in order to encourage and conduct research on noetics and human potentials.

  • These doctrinal issues center around the Orthodox perception that the Catholic theologians lack the actual experience of God called "theoria" and thereby fail to understand the importance of the heart as a noetic or intuitive faculty.
  • The knots: these are psycho-noetic strokes of subjective elaboration.
  • The noetic faculty deals with Ideas, which then are elaborated into principles by reason, whilst the intellect establishes concepts arranged using scalar logic (for ordination of facts) and polar logic (for functions).
  • This isolation was necessary for successful inner concentration and noetic prayer and he made great spiritual progress there.
  • Episodic and semantic memory give rise to two different states of consciousness, autonoetic and noetic, which influence two kinds of subjective experience: remembering and knowing, respectively.

  • Technoetics is a neologism introduced by Roy Ascott, who coined the term from "techne" and "noetic theory", to refer to the emergent field of technology and consciousness research.
  • Wilber claims that he intended the novel to exhibit the traits of extreme post-modernism — irony, self-reference, noetic flatness — and thus to function as a literary "reductio ad absurdum", assisting people, especially Baby Boomers, in overcoming the post-modern mentality.
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