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SYNO at times | from time to time | now and again | ...
время от времени {adv}
now and again
Partial Matches
раз за разом {adv}time and (time) again
теперь {adv}now
сейчас {adv}now
сейчас же {adv}right now
опять {adv}again
ещё раз {adv}again
снова {adv}again
с данного момента {adv}as of now
опять-таки [разг.]but again
ещё раз обдумать [сов.]to consider again
ещё раз подумать [сов.]to consider again
unverified опять же {adv}yet again
Сейчас он должен быть там.He should be there now.
и {conj} [соединение]and
как ... так и {adv}both ... and
Содом и Гоморра {noun}
Sodom and Gomorrah
Астерикс и Клеопатра
Asterix and Cleopatra
питание и проживание {noun}board and lodging
питание и проживание {noun}room and board
кисло-сладкий {adj}
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Usage Examples English
  • Despite Giovanni Battista Mancini's claim that Hasse was the "padre della musica", and despite the composer's massive popularity as a figure at the very forefront of 18th-century serious Italian opera, after his death Hasse's reputation vastly declined and his music lay mostly unperformed (with the exception of some of his sacred works, which were revived now and again in Germany).
  • Since its inception, Low End Theory has expanded to Japan, San Francisco, New York City, and Europe, performing quarterly in Japan and every now and again in the latter three.
  • We indulge ourselves now and again and take a radical left-hand turn and get off the track".
  • The thread is lifted now and again on the end of a stick, and again plunged in until it is all thoroughly dyed.
  • I take me shades off every now and again and have a look at the world and see some nice things."

  • He became a writer and producer for television, including "Designing Women", "Now and Again", "Fired Up", and "Nash Bridges".
  • "Now and Again" is an American science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Glenn Gordon Caron that aired from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000 on CBS.
  • Close later starred on short-lived primetime shows such as "McKenna" (1994–1995), "Dark Skies" (1996–1997), "The Magnificent Seven" (1998–1999), "Now and Again" (1999–2000), and the Steven Spielberg miniseries production, "Taken" (2002).
  • The only danger is in keeping the plants too moist in winter, for although a little water now and again keeps the stems fresh and green, it deprives them of that rest which is essential to the development of their large, beautiful flowers in summer.
  • The Cosworth engines though not very reliable did help Minardi to some decent points scoring positions now and again.

  • The surface forms a landscape of rolling hills and ridges punctuated now and again with dolines and other forms of enclosed depressions characteristic of karsts.
  • And if he stumbled now and again, it’s still the case he was streaks ahead of the pack.” "Football Life" was a sort of companion piece to "Stranded", another personal history but this time of minor-league Australian Rules culture.
  • Until the beginning of the 1960s Millowitsch had to rent out his theater now and again, but with the arrival of the new crowds Millowitsch could afford to concentrate his career on theater from then on.
  • In January 2010, Cole gave an interview to the Canadian edition of "Elle" in which she expressed her desire to focus more on acting than on her modelling career, saying she "wouldn't want to treat acting as a convenient thing to do now and again", going on to mention her roles in the upcoming films "There Be Dragons" and "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll" and saying of her modelling "I've been doing modelling for years and I feel like I've taken out of it what I need to and I'm ready for new things" [...] and that "film asks for a much bigger emotional and intellectual commitment."
  • From 1999 to 2000, Zien had a recurring guest role on the CBS primetime drama "Now and Again" as Gerald Misenbach. He has appeared repeatedly as Attorney Cromwell on "Law & Order".

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