Translation for 'nuclear warfare' from English to Russian
ядерная война {ж}
nuclear warfare
Partial Matches
боевые действия {мн}
воевать [несов.]
to warfare
методы {мн} ведения войны
борьба {ж}
позиционная война {ж}
position warfare
бактериологическая война {ж}
germ warfare
химическая война {ж}
chemical warfare
ядерная война {ж}
atomic warfare
ядерный {adj}
ядерный синтез {м}
nuclear fusion
ядерная доктрина {ж}
nuclear doctrine
ядерная держава {ж}
nuclear power
ядерная катастрофа {ж}
nuclear disaster
ядерная война {ж}
nuclear war
ядерная медицина {ж}
nuclear medicine
атомный реактор {м}
nuclear reactor
ядерный реактор {м}
nuclear reactor
ядерная зима {ж}
nuclear winter
ядерное оружие {с} [собир.]
nuclear weapons {pl}
атомная электростанция {ж} <АЭС>
nuclear power station <NPS>
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Usage Examples English
  • Flexible response required mutual deterrence at tactical, strategic, and conventional levels and bestowing upon the United States the ability to respond to aggression across the spectrum of symmetrical conventional warfare and nuclear warfare.
  • In 2003, Tom Weaver of "Starlog" magazine noted that the Mysterons employ "what in these troubled times would be called sleeper agents and homicide bombers", "hi-jack" airliners and attempt to wage biological and nuclear warfare.
  • Both towns witnessed warfare at its worst: Ypres was one of the first places where chemical warfare was employed, while Hiroshima suffered the debut of nuclear warfare.
  • It contained a large storage facility with room for supplies for 2000 people in the event of nuclear warfare.
  • Confirmed use of biological warfare by a nation state has not occurred since 1945, and chemical warfare has been used only a few times (the latest known confrontation in which it was utilized being the Syrian Civil War). Nuclear warfare has only occurred once: the American bombing the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

  • His theory on preventing nuclear war turned to developing bombs of unprecedented power in an attempt to make people, including governments, so afraid of the consequences of nuclear warfare that they would not dare engage in this sort of altercation.
  • Harlan Ellison's novella "A Boy and His Dog" (1969) takes place in a world desolated by the nuclear warfare in World War IV.
  • During the Cold War, threats of nuclear warfare led several U.S.
  • The ensuing conflict between Mu and humans escalated into nuclear warfare, and the Mu enveloped Tokyo and the outlying suburbs within a spherical barrier resembling Jupiter, referred by outsiders as "Tokyo Jupiter" ("Tōkyō Jupita").
  • The Task Force is ordered to prepare for nuclear warfare (by dispersion, deeper cover, and protection against the effects of a blast on electronics and optics).

  • Nuclear warfare strategy is a set of policies that deal with preventing or fighting a nuclear war.
  • Dylan's lyrics embraced news stories drawn from headlines about the Civil Rights Movement and he articulated anxieties about the fear of nuclear warfare.
  • In addition, Beijing resented the Soviet Union's growing ties with India due to factors such as the Sino-Indian border dispute, and Moscow feared that Mao was too nonchalant about the horrors of nuclear warfare.
  • The "Yellow Peril" (1989), by Bao Mi (Wang Lixiong) presents a civil war in the People's Republic of China that escalates to internal nuclear warfare, which then escalates into the Third World War.
  • It is often referred to in popular culture, especially with themes of espionage and the threat of nuclear warfare.

  • An influential statement of Catholic social teaching, the document condemns nuclear warfare and states that nuclear deterrence is "not an adequate strategy as a long-term basis for peace; it is a transitional strategy justifiable only in conjunction with resolute determination to pursue arms control and disarmament".
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