Translation for 'nucleosome' from English to Russian
NOUN   a nucleosome | nucleosomes
нуклеосома {ж}
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Translation for 'nucleosome' from English to Russian

нуклеосома {ж}биол.
Usage Examples English
  • Nucleosome Architecture of Promoters: Using ChIP-seq, it was determined that Yeast genes seem to have a minimal nucleosome-free promoter region of 150bp in which RNA polymerase can initiate transcription.
  • Physically, there are small changes on the surface area of the nucleosome that make the histone differ from H2A.
  • Modifications are achieved through various mechanisms including nucleosome removal, in which nucleosome-excluding elements disrupt heterochromatin from spreading and silencing (chromatin-mediated silencing).
  • Assay for transposase accessible chromatin sequencing (ATAC-seq) is used to look in to regions that are nucleosome free (open chromatin).
  • One of the biggest discoveries that Robert Kingston found was that the nucleosome structure could be arranged into different conformations so that different biophysical properties can result, including mechanisms of transcription.

  • After binding two helical turns away from a nucleosome, the complex causes the shifting of the aforementioned nucleosome upstream one-two base pairs.
  • Lysine 56 is located at the amino-terminal αN-helix and close to the site where the DNA enters and exits the nucleosome.
  • This gene encodes a subunit of an ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complex, INO80, which plays a role in DNA and nucleosome-activated ATPase activity and ATP-dependent nucleosome sliding.
  • In molecular biology, a chromatosome is a result of histone H1 binding to a nucleosome, which contains a histone octamer and DNA.
  • It is generally wrapped around special proteins called histones to form a structure called a nucleosome.

  • Promoters of active genes have nucleosome free regions (NFR).
  • In molecular biology, linker DNA is double-stranded DNA (38-53 base pairs long) in between two nucleosome cores that, in association with histone H1, holds the cores together.
  • , looking at the influence of proximity to this UAS for nucleosome positioning.
  • Free histones produced by the cell during S-phase are rapidly incorporated into new nucleosomes.
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