Translation for 'occasionally' from English to Russian
SYNO at times | from time to time | now and again | ...
время от времени {adv}occasionally
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Translation for 'occasionally' from English to Russian

время от времени {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • Hank Nowak was playing occasionally in the ASHL for the 'Toronto Blue Hogs.' He played occasionally in tournaments with some Blue Hog alumni and his son Clinton.
  • Various services are provided throughout the year, mainly in the spring, summer and autumn months to Mendip Vale. Occasionally, specials are run to Westbury.
  • Most "comuni" or municipalities have several "località", occasionally several dozens, while some have none.
  • A fairly minor star, her recordings occasionally appear on eBay and other places where EPs and 45 RPM singles are sold, and appear occasionally on compilations of 1950s French music.
  • Barrydale has a temperate climate of warm, dry summers with averages of 25°C occasionally up to 35°C, and mild, wet winters when the temperature occasionally dips to around -1°C accompanied by light frosts.

  • The post is usually occupied by a laity but may occasionally be carried out by someone who is ordained.
  • They were occasionally supported by Frank Sinatra. Clare Fischer was their pianist for years and occasionally wrote arrangements for the group.
  • The band includes brass instruments, woodwind instruments, percussion instruments, and occasionally a piano. There are occasionally some other instruments, but these make up the majority.
  • Occasionally, the ulnar head is absent. Also, additional slips from the medial intermuscular septum, from the biceps brachii, and from the brachialis occasionally occur.
  • After Skurge's death, Amora continues her regular hi-jinks, occasionally helping Asgard, occasionally opposing it. She aids Asgard against the evil Egyptian God Seth's legions.

  • In modern times people continue desecrating grave sites. Occasionally the vandalism-desecration is religiously motivated. Jewish cemeteries are occasionally targets for vandalism.
  • Nowadays cottising is used not just for bends but for practically all the ordinaries (and occasionally collections of charges), and consists in placing the ordinary between two diminutive versions of itself (and occasionally other things).
  • Robert Sample (died 1719, first name occasionally Richard, last name occasionally Semple) was a pirate active off the coast of Africa and in the Caribbean.
  • Similar crowns are occasionally worn in the Vietnamese Hát tuồng and Hát Chèo theatrical traditions, and are occasionally worn as part of festival garb.
  • Zoomorphic masks representing cows ("vaca-bruta"), sharks, stingrays and, occasionally, other local animals are worn in adult initiation rituals ("fanado") mostly by boys, but occasionally by women.

  • The larvae feed on "Quercus" species. They feed in the young shoots. They cause withered leaves and occasionally swellings. Pupation normally takes place in the shoot, but occasionally outside.
  • This species has been occasionally hunted in Japan in the past, and occasionally been caught in drift nets. It is uncertain how much this affects the population.
  • Shesha and his avatars (Balarama and Lakshmana) are occasionally linked to Shiva. [...] Adi Shankara, the formulator of Advaita Vedanta, is also occasionally regarded as an avatar of Shiva.
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