Translation for 'offspring' from English to Russian
NOUN   an offspring | offspring / offsprings
SYNO issue | materialisation | materialization | ...
потомство {с}offspring
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Translation for 'offspring' from English to Russian

потомство {с}
Usage Examples English
  • Adult females that have mated produce mostly female offspring (female-biased sex ratio).
  • Indirect benefits are benefits that may not directly affect the parents' fitness but instead increase the fitness of the offspring.
  • When parents and helpers care for offspring, the protection may reduce the predation risk to offspring, which may allow mothers to invest less per single offspring.
  • intermedia" offspring can experience the highest ratio of offspring average mass to mother's average mass.
  • , the Mishnah taught these rules for the order of inheritance: the son preceded the daughter, and the son's offspring preceded the daughter.

  • Parent–offspring conflict is a theory which states that offspring can take actions to advance their own fitness while decreasing the fitness of their parents and that parents can increase their own fitness while simultaneously decreasing the fitness of their offspring.
  • Parent–offspring conflict (POC) is an expression coined in 1974 by Robert Trivers.
  • No information currently available on number and size of offspring and sex ratio of offspring.
  • High levels of intraspecific competition between offspring selects for the very fittest individuals.
  • Parent offspring conflict is a theory synthesized by Trivers in the 1970s alongside parental investment.

  • Providing nutrition through the skin allows for redirection of nutrients, yielding fewer and larger offspring than caecilians who only provide their offspring with yolk nutrients.
  • In other words, a parent would wish its offspring to give up ten offspring in order to raise 11 nieces and nephews.
  • Parents are connected by a horizontal line and a vertical line leads to their offspring.
  • In non-human animals, part of the microbiome is passed onto offspring even before the offspring are born. Bacteriologists assume that the same probably holds true for humans.
  • A stepchild is the offspring of one's spouse, but not one's own offspring, either biologically or through adoption.

  • The egg stage of the "P. biglumis" wasp is around 2 weeks, and the male offspring are produced before female offspring in a sequential fashion.
  • However, males also have a role in securing a connection with the offspring by taking part in making an offspring's decisions when involved in a household.
  • Mating occurs in mid to late summer. B. bohemicus shows a 1:1 offspring sex ratio, consistent with production of only reproductively active offspring.
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