Translation for 'on behalf of' from English to Russian
от имени {prep} [+gen.]on behalf of
Partial Matches
ради кого-л.on sb.'s behalf
от собственного имениon one's own behalf
на {prep} [+prep.]on
потом {adv}later (on)
настаивать [несов.]to press on
зависеть от [+gen.] [несов.]to depend on
в понедельник {adv}on Monday
по талонам
on points
из принципа
on principle
по ходатайству {adv}on application
включать [несов.]to switch on
включить [сов.]to switch on
продолжать свой путь [несов.]to move on
продвигаться [несов.] [делать успехи]to come on
настаивать на [+рrер.] [требовать] [несов.]to insist on
по будним дням {adv}on weekdays
включать [несов.] [свет, воду, какой-л. прибор]to turn on
сверху {adv}on top
продолжать [несов.]to carry on
по окончании {adj}on completion
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Usage Examples English
  • Braves chairman Terry McGuirk apologized to fans "on behalf of the entire Braves family" for the scandal.
  • In practice, when legislating for the Perth Agreement (see below), the Australian governments took the approach of the states requesting, and referring power to, the federal government to enact the legislation on behalf of the states (under paragraph 51(xxxviii) of the Australian Constitution) and the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Ashcroft" on behalf of Nicholas Merrill, owner of an Internet service provider.
  • Zawahiri's brother worked for the IIRO in Albania and had actively recruited on behalf of Al-Qaeda.
  • It also inspired Cauchy to plead on behalf of the Irish during the Great Famine of Ireland.

  • At the age of 26, around the time he was elected to the Academy of Sciences, Lavoisier bought a share in the "Ferme générale", a tax farming financial company which advanced the estimated tax revenue to the royal government in return for the right to collect the taxes. On behalf of the Ferme générale Lavoisier commissioned the building of a wall around Paris so that customs duties could be collected from those transporting goods into and out of the city.
  • Ali said that he had not come to replace Abu Bakr as Amir-ul-Hajj, and that his only mission was to convey a special message to the people on behalf of Muhammad.
  • Later claims made on behalf of Sargon were that his mother was an "entu" priestess (high priestess).
  • Petroleum extraction activities take place at the Jabiru and Challis oil fields, which are adjacent to the Territory, and which are administered by the Northern Territory's Department of Mines and Energy on behalf of the Commonwealth.
  • American Eagle operating on behalf of American Airlines began nonstop Embraer 175 regional jet service to Anguilla from Miami in an aviation watershed moment for Anguilla with the airport also currently attempting to attract other international air carriers.

  • As part of the Liberation Army of the South, his group of revolutionaries fought on behalf of the Mexican peasants, whom they saw as exploited by the landowning classes.
  • A detailed account of Apollo's conflict with Gaia and Zeus' intervention on behalf of his young son is also given.
  • Thirty wreaths adorned Christie's grave, including one from the cast of her long-running play "The Mousetrap" and one sent "on behalf of the multitude of grateful readers" by the Ulverscroft Large Print Book Publishers.
  • Azincourt is known for being near the site of the battle fought on 25 October 1415 in which the army led by King Henry V of England defeated the forces led by Charles d'Albret on behalf of Charles VI of France, which has gone down in history as the Battle of Agincourt.
  • All AMPAS members must be invited to join by the Board of Governors, on behalf of Academy Branch Executive Committees.

  • Between 1497 and 1504, Vespucci participated in at least two voyages of the Age of Discovery, first on behalf of Spain (1499 [...] 1500) and then for Portugal (1501 [...] 1502).
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