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SYNO by the piece | individually | on an individual basis | ...
один за другим {adv}one by one
друг за другом {adv}one by one
Partial Matches
не соваться с советом
to keep one's breath to cool one's porridge [fig.]
как-то {adv} [однажды]one day
однажды {adv} [как-то раз]one day
однажды утромone morning
тридцать одинthirty-one
одна тысячаone thousand
сорок одинforty-one
однажды ночью {adv}one night
когда-нибудь {adv} [в будущем]one day
друг другу {adv}to one another
друг друга {pron}one another
девяносто одинninety-one
шестьдесят одинsixty-one
семьдесят одинseventy-one
восемьдесят одинeighty-one
пятьдесят одинfifty-one
двадцать одинtwenty-one
оранжевошейный казуар {м} [Casuarius unappendiculatus]
one-wattled cassowary
раз [при счёте]one [in counting]
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Usage Examples English
  • 1 to head back towards "Wilhelm Gustloff", Schürmann was able to reach "Pegaway". One by one the 19 men on "Pegaway" jumped into the sea and were hauled onto Lifeboat No.
  • In despair, Paul watches as his friends fall one by one.
  • causes Icon to return a line of text one by one from the array and finally fail at the end.
  • In the early days of talkies, a loop of film would be cut and spliced together for each of the scenes that needed to be rerecorded, then one-by-one the loops would be loaded onto a projector.
  • In "Eyrbyggja saga", draugar are driven off by holding a "door-doom". One by one, they are summoned to the door-doom and given judgment and forced out of the home by this legal method.

  • An Italian army eventually took Istria, started to annex the Adriatic islands one by one, and even landed in Zadar.
  • Unlike in the classic paradox, the students eliminating the days one by one causes Mrs.
  • Carboxypeptidase A digests by chopping off certain amino acids one-by-one from one end of a protein.
  • A time stamp is used to handover the token one by one.
  • These members were labelled "disloyal" and were removed from the room one by one and taken into custody.

  • As the cod-end fills up these catch sensor transducers are triggered one by one and this information is transmitted acoustically to display monitors on the bridge of the vessel.
  • The fishery is committed to one-by-one fishing and uses the motto "one pole, one line, one fish at a time".
  • One by one, the national minuscule cursive hands were replaced by a set minuscule hand which has already been mentioned and its origins may now be traced from the beginning.
  • In web pages, it is possible to create pseudo-animations by writing JavaScript code that loads still PNG or JPEG images of each frame and displays them one by one for a specified time interval.
  • In a process known as "sowing", all the seeds from a hole are dropped one by one into subsequent holes in a motion wrapping around the board.

  • Instead of buying properties, players buy popular brands one by one and slide their billboards onto their Empire towers.
  • War films typically tell the story of a small group of isolated individuals who – one by one – get killed (literally or metaphorically) by an outside force until there is a final fight to the death; the idea of the protagonists facing death is a central expectation in a war film.
  • Seven cards are then dealt to each player, one by one; the rest of the pack is placed face down as the stock and the top card turned for trumps.
  • Though both the arcade and PlayStation versions were developed internally at Namco, none of the arcade development team had any direct involvement with the PlayStation version.
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