Translation for 'oneself' from English to Russian
себя {pron}oneself [reflexive]
2 Words: Verbs
акклиматизироваться [сов./несов.]to acclimatize (oneself)
стараться [несов.] [прилагать усилия]to apply oneself
отстаивать свои права [несов.]to assert oneself
принимать на себя обязательства [несов.]to commit oneself
креститься [несов.] [осенять себя крестным знамением]
to cross oneself
объясниться в любви [сов.]to declare oneself [make a declaration of love]
объясняться в любви [несов.]to declare oneself [make a declaration of love]
посвящать себя [+dat.] [чему-л. возвышенному] [несов.]to devote oneself
перестраховываться [несов.]to ensure oneself
объясниться [сов.]to explain oneself
объясняться [oбъяснять свои поступки, поведение] [несов.]to explain oneself
выражать свои мысли [несов.]to express oneself
кусать себе локти
to kick oneself [coll.]
обжигаться [несов.] [кипящей жидкостью или паром]to scald oneself [injure]
бриться [самому] [несов.]to shave (oneself)
побриться [самому] [сов.]to shave (oneself)
обосраться [сов.] [груб.] [тж. перен.: испугаться]to shit oneself [vulg.] [also fig.]
застрелиться [сов.]to shoot oneself [fatally]
застреливаться [несов.]to shoot oneself [fatally]
напрягаться [собрать все силы] [несов.]to strain oneself
3 Words: Verbs
предаваться чему-л. [отчаянию, страсти и т.п.] [несов.]to abandon oneself to sth.
приспосабливаться к чему-л. [несов.]to adapt (oneself) to sth.
заниматься чем-л. [несов.]to devote oneself to sth.
представиться кому-л. [при знакомстве] [сов.]to introduce oneself to sb.
представляться кому-л. [при знакомстве] [несов.]to introduce oneself to sb.
объясняться [разговаривать] [несов.]to make oneself understood
объясниться [изъясняиться, говорить] [сов.]to make oneself understood
литься [несов.]to pour on oneself
взять себя в руки
to pull oneself together
вновь / заново ознакомиться с чем-л.to reacquaint oneself with sth.
4 Words: Verbs
стыдиться [несов.]to feel ashamed (of oneself)
притулиться [сов.] [разг.]to find room for oneself
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Translation for 'oneself' from English to Russian

oneself [reflexive]
себя {pron}

to acclimatize (oneself)
акклиматизироваться [сов./несов.]
to apply oneself
стараться [несов.] [прилагать усилия]
to assert oneself
отстаивать свои права [несов.]
to commit oneself
принимать на себя обязательства [несов.]
to cross oneself
креститься [несов.] [осенять себя крестным знамением]религ.
to declare oneself [make a declaration of love]
объясниться в любви [сов.]

объясняться в любви [несов.]
to devote oneself
посвящать себя [+dat.] [чему-л. возвышенному] [несов.]
to ensure oneself
перестраховываться [несов.]
to explain oneself
объясниться [сов.]

объясняться [oбъяснять свои поступки, поведение] [несов.]
to express oneself
выражать свои мысли [несов.]
to kick oneself [coll.]
unverified кусать себе локтиидиом.
to scald oneself [injure]
обжигаться [несов.] [кипящей жидкостью или паром]
to shave (oneself)
бриться [самому] [несов.]

побриться [самому] [сов.]
to shit oneself [vulg.] [also fig.]
обосраться [сов.] [груб.] [тж. перен.: испугаться]
to shoot oneself [fatally]
застрелиться [сов.]

застреливаться [несов.]
to strain oneself
напрягаться [собрать все силы] [несов.]

to abandon oneself to sth.
предаваться чему-л. [отчаянию, страсти и т.п.] [несов.]
to adapt (oneself) to sth.
приспосабливаться к чему-л. [несов.]
to devote oneself to sth.
заниматься чем-л. [несов.]
to introduce oneself to sb.
представиться кому-л. [при знакомстве] [сов.]

представляться кому-л. [при знакомстве] [несов.]
to make oneself understood
объясняться [разговаривать] [несов.]

объясниться [изъясняиться, говорить] [сов.]
to pour on oneself
литься [несов.]
to pull oneself together
взять себя в рукиидиом.
to reacquaint oneself with sth.
вновь / заново ознакомиться с чем-л.

to feel ashamed (of oneself)
стыдиться [несов.]
to find room for oneself
притулиться [сов.] [разг.]
Usage Examples English
  • "Incurvatus in se" (Latin for "turned/curved inward on oneself") is a theological phrase describing a life lived "inward" for oneself rather than "outward" for God and others.
  • Poems may be read silently to oneself, or may be read aloud solo or to other people.
  • The ability to imagine and walk oneself through various scenarios is a mental exercise in itself.
  • He extols the power that oratory can give to a person, including the ability to maintain personal rights, words to defend oneself, and the ability to revenge oneself on a wicked person.
  • Killing a friend with a hand grenade would not be eligible, but killing oneself while manufacturing a homemade chimney-cleaning device from a grenade would be.

  • Pick-up lines range from straightforward conversation openers such as introducing oneself, providing information about oneself, or asking someone about their likes and common interests, to more elaborate attempts including flattery or humour.
  • "Autodefenestration" (or "self-defenestration") is the term used for the act of jumping, propelling oneself, or causing oneself to fall, out of a window.
  • The knowledge which knows the ultimate truth is a central topic of the Lanka and is variously termed pratyātmāryajñānagati (the state of noble knowledge realized by oneself), svapratyātma (inner self-realization), pratyātmagati (that which is realized by oneself), pratyātmagatigocara (the field realized by oneself) and pratyātma dharmatā (the Dharma nature realized by oneself) in the sutra.
  • Eventually, Di Angelo comes to learn not only the value of friendship and love, but also the importance of keeping promises to teammates and to oneself as well as the importance of thinking beyond oneself.
  • The Karolinska Institute recommends health workers to take care of oneself, avoid unhelpful strategies, stay in touch with loved ones, not blame oneself and reach out if physical or psychological help is required.

  • Star speaks on various topics, most commonly on freedom of oneself and how to be free along with being comfortable with oneself.
  • Nisar or Nesar is a common Muslim given name which means to sacrifice oneself and literally the word 'Nisar' itself means 'one who sacrifices oneself'.
  • 3. Income for family and oneself - Income is necessary to support oneself. However, data does not show that people who earn more money are more gainfully employed than those who earn less.
  • Radical 49 or radical oneself (...) meaning "oneself" is one of the 31 Kangxi radicals (214 radicals total) composed of three strokes.
  • Dubner and economist Steven Levitt, a way to lock oneself into following a plan of action that one might not want to do, but which one knows is good for oneself.

  • It is possible, to one degree or another, to teach oneself to dance.
  • Merrill Carlsmith on the forbidden toy seems to endorse such hypothesis and therefore this type of dynamic: one attributes oneself a mutilation of one's own desire in order to perceive oneself as autarkic, independent and not submissive.
  • Martin Luther views sinful human nature such that no person naturally desires to see others with as much as oneself, each acquiring as much as he can while pretending to be pious.
  • Reciting one's whakapapa proclaims one's Māori identity, places oneself in a wider context, and links oneself to land and tribal groupings and the mana of those.
  • A soliloquy ([...] , from Latin "solo" "to oneself" + "loquor" "I talk", plural "soliloquies") is a monologue addressed to oneself, thoughts spoken out loud without addressing another.

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