Translation for 'originate from' from English to Russian
выйти из [+gen.] [произойти] [сов.]to originate from
Partial Matches
выходить [несов.]to originate
от {prep}from
с {prep} [+gen.]from
изнутри {adv}from within
далеко от {adv}far from
unverified происходитьto come from
страдать от [+gen.] [несов.]to suffer from
освободить от [+gen.] [избавить от чего-л.] [сов.]to exempt from
отрывать от [+gen.] [отнимать, отстранять] [несов.]to tear from
от ... до [+gen.]from ... to
unverified делать отличным (от)set apart (from)
занимать у кого-л. [несов.]to borrow from sb.
друг о друге {adv}from each other
извлекать пользу из [+gen.] [несов.]to derive benefit from
ожидать (от) [несов.]to expect (of, from)
unverified с са́мого нача́ла {adv}from the outset
испокон веков {adv}from time immemorial
unverified сразу оговоримся, чтоto caveat from the outset
с незапамятных времён {adv}from / since time immemorial
освободить кого-л. от чего-л. [несов.] [от обязательства, ответственности]
to exonerate sb. from sth.
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Usage Examples English
  • The antigen may originate from within the body ("self-protein") or from the external environment ("non-self").
  • The majority of enlisted men originate from outside France, while the majority of the officer corps consists of Frenchmen.
  • Several magazines also originate from Frankfurt. The local "Journal Frankfurt" is the best-known magazine for events, parties, and "insider tips".
  • The classifications of ethnocentrism originate from the studies of anthropology.
  • At seven weeks of gestation, the adrenal cells are joined by sympathetic cells that originate from the neural crest to form the adrenal medulla.

  • The bass lines most notably originate from sampled sources or synthesizers.
  • They can also originate from beach sands and extend inland into vegetated areas in coastal zones and on shores of large lakes.
  • ... 5 million kelvin) is assumed to originate from MHD waves.
  • The ray cast is a vector that can originate from the camera or from the scene endpoint ("back to front", or "front to back").
  • The names originate from the reaction of cells to the Gram stain, a test long-employed for the classification of bacterial species.

  • About 90% of the sungrazers observed with SOHO are members of the Kreutz group, which all originate from one giant comet that broke up into many smaller comets during its first passage through the inner Solar System.
  • Unsaturated fats originate from plant sources (such as oils).
  • The concept of a character being confronted at a triumphant feast with a reminder of their downfall is not unique to Shakespeare and may originate from Belshazzar's feast, as portrayed in the Bible.
  • These ethics originate from individuals, organizational statements or the legal system.
  • As a narrative song, their theme and function may originate from Scandinavian and Germanic traditions of storytelling that can be seen in poems such as "Beowulf".

  • Broadcast frames are allowed to originate from these sources and are sent to all other nodes.
  • Osteocytes are cells of mesenchymal origin and originate from osteoblasts that have migrated into and become trapped and surrounded by a bone matrix that they themselves produced.
  • Mutations capable of causing color blindness originate from at least 19 different chromosomes and 56 different genes (as shown online at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [...]).
  • The weather station the following data originate from is located between the town centre and Wasseralfingen at about [...] and has been in operation since 1991.
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