Translation for 'outside of' from English to Russian
за пределами {adv}outside (of)
Partial Matches
внешний наблюдатель {м}outside observer
убедить в [+prep.] [сов.]to convince of
куча [+gen.] [разг.] [множество]plenty of
ложка {ж} [+gen.]spoonful of
unverified наводя́щий на мы́сли (о)suggestive (of)
вместо {prep} [+gen.]instead of
из-за {prep} [+gen.]because of
конечно {adv}of course
потеря {ж} памяти
loss of memory
собачий лай {м}barking of dogs
коноплеводство {с}
cultivation of hemp
коноплеводство {с}
growing of hemp
приступ {м} кашля
fit of coughing
малярийный пароксизм {м}
attack of malaria
птичий щебет {м}
twittering of birds
музыкальная пьеса {ж}
piece of music
водная масса {ж}
mass of water
растительное сообщество {с}
community of plants
агрессивная война {ж}
war of aggression
цветник {м} [клумба]
bed of flowers
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Usage Examples English
  • By general agreement, abstract entities cannot interact causally with physical entities ("the truth-values of our mathematical assertions depend on facts involving platonic entities that reside in a realm outside of space-time") Whilst our knowledge of physical objects is based on our ability to perceive them, and therefore to causally interact with them, there is no parallel account of how mathematicians come to have knowledge of abstract objects.
  • By "art" we may frame several artistic "works" or "creations" as so though this reference remains within the institution or special event which creates it and this leaves some works or other possible "art" outside of the frame work, or other interpretations such as other phenomenon which may not be considered as "art".
  • Of inhabitants born outside of Australia, the most prevalent countries of birth were India, England, China, Nepal and New Zealand.
  • While antimicrobial resistance does occur naturally over time, the use of antimicrobial agents in a variety of settings both within the healthcare industry and outside of has led to antimicrobial resistance becoming increasingly more prevalent.
  • In the late 14th century only a few texts using Arabic numerals appeared outside of Italy.

  • Some jurisdictions prohibit all sex outside of marriage irrespective of age, as in the case of Yemen.
  • In order to support himself, outside of his work with the British Mineralogical Society, the London Institution and the Geological Society, Aiken worked as a writer, translator and lecturer to the public and to medical students at Guy's Hospital.
  • These sculpted scenes are on the outside of a marble Early Christian sarcophagus used for the burial of Junius Bassus.
  • While drawing up the plans for the West Block, he included a circular staircase leading directly from his office to the outside of the building, which allowed him to escape the patronage-seekers waiting for him in his ante-chamber.
  • The treatment also is not required for raw almonds sold for export outside of North America.

  • Austrian-born Adolf Hitler had a lifelong romantic fascination with the Alps and by the 1930s established a home at Berghof, in the Obersalzberg region outside of Berchtesgaden.
  • Asteraceae is an economically important family, providing food staples, garden plants, and herbal medicines. Species outside of their native ranges can be considered weedy or invasive.
  • The facility, which opened in 1980, houses 5,500 people and was Apple's first location outside of the United States.
  • Until this time, IP address registration (outside of RIPE and APNIC regions) was done in accordance with policies set by the IETF by Network Solutions corporation as part of the InterNIC project.
  • The velocity of the aether outside of the Earth would decrease as a function of distance from the Earth so light rays from stars would be progressively dragged as they approached the surface of the Earth.

  • The many independent agencies of the United States government created by statutes enacted by Congress exist outside of the federal executive departments but are still part of the executive branch.
  • and its allies during the Vietnam War working with their former enemy—veterans from the Vietnam Veterans Association—established the Vietnam Friendship Village outside of Hanoi.
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