Translation for 'owing to' from English to Russian
VERB   to owe | owed | owed
owing | owes
благодаря {prep} [+dat.]owing to
вследствие {prep} [+gen.]owing to
Partial Matches
причитающийся {adj}owing [yet to be paid]
до {prep} [+gen]to
подходящий {adj}applicable (to)
согласно {prep} [+gen.]according to
разговаривать с [+instr.] [несов.]to talk to
вести к [+gen.] [несов.]to lead to
вблизи {prep} [+gen.]near (to)
принадлежать [несов.]to belong (to)
относиться к [+dat.] [несов.]to belong to
ссылаться на [+akk.] [несов.]to refer to
цепляться за [+akk.] [несов.]to cling to
сродни {adv} [+dat.] [разг.]akin to
в соответствии с {prep} [+instr.]according to
ответственный (перед) {adj} [подотчётный кому-л]accountable (to)
откладывать [отсрочивать] [несов.]to postpone (to)
эквивалентный {adj} [+dat.]equivalent (to)
по аналогии сsimilar to
иметь склонность к [+dat.]to tend to
ранее {adv}previous to
возле {prep} [+gen.]next to
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Usage Examples English
  • Photographs taken in 2009 by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter were released on July 17, and the Fra Mauro equipment was the most visible Apollo hardware at that time, owing to particularly good lighting conditions.
  • Hawaii has served as the site of a number of adaptive radiation events, owing to its isolation, recent origin, and large land area.
  • Except in China, use of acetylene as a chemical feedstock has declined by 70% from 1965 to 2007 owing to cost and environmental considerations.
  • With energy still providing the backbone of the local economy, recent years have seen very large new investment in the North Sea owing to rising oil prices and favourable government tax incentives.
  • The use of acupuncture has been criticized owing to there being little scientific evidence for explicit effects, or the mechanisms for its supposed effectiveness, for any condition that is discernible from placebo.

  • In aromatic amines ("anilines"), nitrogen is often nearly planar owing to conjugation of the lone pair with the aryl substituent.
  • In 1908, he started a new professional baseball league known as the Union Professional League. The league took the field in April but folded one month later owing to financial difficulties.
  • Armenia-Pakistan relations are poor owing to disagreements between the two countries.
  • In the +3 oxidation state, arsenic is typically pyramidal owing to the influence of the lone pair of electrons.
  • When reconstructing the data, owing to the evaporation of successive layers of material from the sample, the lateral and in-depth reconstruction values are highly anisotropic.

  • At the European Computer Trade Show 1991, it also won the Leisure Award for the similar "Home Computer of the Year" title. Owing to the inexpensive cost of the Amiga 500 in then price-sensitive Europe, sales of the Amiga family of computers were strongest there, constituting 85 percent of Commodore's total sales in the fourth quarter of 1990.
  • Owing to a lack of foresight by motherboard manufacturers, the system BIOS was often hobbled by artificial C/H/S size limitations due to the manufacturer assuming certain values would never exceed a particular numerical maximum.
  • This non-observation was attributed to spontaneous fission owing to the large speed of the products and to other decay channels, such as neutron emission and nuclear fission.
  • Winter squashes like pumpkin and butternut squashes have been a staple for generations owing to their ability to keep for long periods over icy New England winters and being an excellent source of beta carotene; in summer, they are replaced with pattypan and zucchini, the latter brought to the region by immigrants from Southern Italy a century ago.
  • A resident alien owed allegiance even when the protection of the crown was withdrawn owing to the occupation of an enemy, because the absence of the crown's protection was temporary and involuntary ("de Jager v Attorney-General of Natal" [...] AC 326).

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