Translation for 'oxonium' from English to Russian
NOUN   oxonium | -
оксоний {м} [H3O+]
oxonium ion
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Translation for 'oxonium' from English to Russian

oxonium ion
оксоний {м} [H3O+]хим.
Usage Examples English
  • Other possibilities for the electrophile include (chloromethyl)oxonium cation (ClH2C–OH2+) or chlorocarbenium cation (ClCH2+), which may be formed in the presence of zinc chloride.
  • The secondary amide 1 reacts via its enolized form with phosphorus pentachloride to form the oxonium ion 2.
  • A rearrangement reaction with ring expansion forms a more stable oxonium ion which is deprotonated.
  • These oxonium ions are powerful electrophiles, and react rapidly with a second molecule of alcohol to form new, stable compounds, called acetals.
  • Oxygen atoms of the main chain posses enough reactivity to attack oxonium propagation centre to either form cyclic oligomers (usually tetramers) or to depolymerize.

  • Scheme 5 -Proposed reaction mechanism for the isomerization of ionized methanol to the methylene oxonium ion.
  • The resulting oxonium ion then decomposes into methanol and a relatively stable "tert"-butyl cation.
  • In chemistry, an oxonium ion is any cation containing an oxygen atom that has three bonds and 1+ formal charge.
  • Simple cations formed by adding a hydron to a hydride of a halogen, chalcogen or pnictogen are named by adding the suffix "-onium" to the element's root: H4N+ is ammonium, H3O+ is oxonium, and H2F+ is fluoronium.
  • Oxatriquinacene has remarkable stability compared to other oxonium cations, although not as extreme as that of the similar oxatriquinane.

  • Oxatriquinane (oxoniaperhydrotriquinacene) is an alkyl oxonium ion with formula (CH2CH2CH)3O+.
  • They are based on the flavylium cation, an oxonium ion, with various groups substituted for its hydrogen atoms.
  • Triethyloxonium tetrafluoroborate is the organic oxonium compound with the formula [...]BF4.
  • A key step in the synthesis is the rhodium-catalyzed formation of an oxonium ylide, which then undergoes a [...] sigmatropic rearrangement en route to the desired product.
  • Two solid hydrates are known: the monohydrate [...] or oxonium nitrate [...] and the trihydrate [...].

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