Translation for 'particular' from English to Russian
ADJ   particular | more particular | most particular
NOUN   a particular | particulars
SYNO detail | especial | exceptional | ...
разборчивый {adj} [привередливый]particular [not easily satisfied]
особый {adj} [особенный]particular [special]
в особенности {adv}in particular
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Usage Examples English
  • Other aspects of land use planning law can have particular application to the implications of particular energy technologies, such as wind power.
  • Most businesses make more than one of a particular item.
  • The list shows that an individual autonomous, particular church may have distinct jurisdictions (local particular churches) in several countries.
  • Automatic fish counters are automatic devices for measuring the number of fish passing along a particular river in a particular period of time. Usually one particular species is of interest.
  • All amounts that a particular depositor has in accounts in any particular ownership category at a particular bank are added together and are insured up to $250,000.

  • GNSS lat/long data records the track over ground and in particular whether a particular turn point (TP) has been reached.
  • In particular, safety regulations mandate a particular arrangement of Class X and Class Y mains filtering capacitors.
  • The gradient equations apply to all least squares problems. Each particular problem requires particular expressions for the model and its partial derivatives.
  • Character evidence must be distinguished from habit evidence, which is generally admissible, and which is evidence submitted for the purpose of proving that an individual acted in a particular way on a particular occasion in question based on that person's tendency to reflexively respond to a particular situation in a particular way.
  • Linear accelerators are calibrated to give a particular absorbed dose under particular conditions, although the definition and measurement configuration may vary among medical clinics.

  • As a form of repartee singing, "ayai" requires particular wit, in particular when performed as on-stage improvisation.
  • Fishermen operating a particular type of vessel or in a particular port often belong to a local association which disseminates information and may be used to coordinate activities, such as how best to prevent overfishing in particular areas.
  • They exhibit particular aesthetic characteristics valued by the community, in particular their contribution to the character and streetscape of Camooweal.
  • Bond specificity, unlike group specificity, recognizes particular chemical bond types.
  • A range table was a list of angles of elevation a particular artillery gun barrel needed to be set to, to strike a target at a particular distance with a projectile of a particular weight using a propellant cartridge of a particular weight.

  • The position of proxenos for a particular city was often hereditary in a particular family.
  • Insurability can mean either whether a particular type of loss (risk) can be insured in theory, or whether a particular client is insurable for by a particular company because of particular circumstance and the quality assigned by an insurance provider pertaining to the risk that a given client would have.
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