Translation for 'particularly' from English to Russian
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в особенности {adv}particularly
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Translation for 'particularly' from English to Russian

в особенности {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • At the present it includes the best practice implementation pilots in phone medicine (oncology, particularly home care, and psychiatry, particularly childhood psychiatry), Tele-ECG and Tele-ultrasounds, particularly obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Capwell was not particularly interested in association football, but a request from the employees lead him to found a team, particularly since the workers were not particularly enthusiastic about Emelec's other sports.
  • Linehan incorporates mindfulness techniques (particularly Zen practices) in her Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which has been found to be particularly effective with Cluster-B personality disorders.
  • Ishikawa's industry is dominated by the textile industry, particularly artificial fabrics, and the machine industry, particularly construction machinery.
  • Algorithms for computing transforms of functions (particularly integral transforms) are widely used in all areas of mathematics, particularly analysis and signal processing.

  • Reason Hence, without conscious efforts to prevent it, complex systems with major hazards are both particularly vulnerable to (and particularly prone to develop) a poor safety culture.
  • Suzuki displays common themes found in Yakuza films, particularly the theme of loyalty, in order to parody the message and presentation of traditional Yakuza films.
  • Birdwatching (for the species, see the main Dogu'a Tembien page) can be done particularly in exclosures and forests. The Wehabit Sillasie church forest bird-watching site is particularly interesting.
  • Sexual harassment is more common in military than civilian life. particularly younger women and girls.
  • Most year-riddles are guided by one (or more) of four metaphors: wheels, trees, animals (particularly human families), and artefacts (particularly architecture).

  • At this time NUWSS leaders, particularly in the North, increasingly identified with the working classes and for an industrial town like Leigh this was particularly pertinent.
  • Collecting of particularly beautiful antique spurs is a popular pastime for some individuals, particularly aficionados of western history and cowboy culture.
  • The kidney's resorptive mechanisms are particularly energetic, using nearly 100% of the O2 supplied. Thus, the kidney is particularly sensitive to reduction in blood supply.
  • Adin [...] is an uncommon family name found today in the United States (particularly New York City), England, Israel, New Zealand, Spain (particularly the Basque country), Sweden and Turkey.
  • Particularly famous is its interrogative refrain, "Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?", an example of the [...] motif, which was common in medieval poetry and particularly in Villon's ballads.

  • At the seder, it is customary in some communities, particularly among strictly Orthodox Jews, to use handmade [...] , which has undergone particularly strict "kashrut" supervision.
  • Samuelson worked in many theoretical fields, including: consumer theory; welfare economics; capital; finance, particularly the efficient-market hypothesis; public finance, particularly optimal allocation; international economics, particularly the Balassa–Samuelson effect and the Heckscher–Ohlin model; macroeconomics, particularly the overlapping generations model; and market economics.
  • Multiagent chemotherapy is given, and can result in long-term success, particularly in childhood [...] but prognosis is generally poor, [...] particularly in higher stage disease.
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