Translation for 'paucity' from English to Russian
NOUN   paucity | -
SYNO dearth | paucity
малочисленность {ж}paucity
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Translation for 'paucity' from English to Russian

малочисленность {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • From 1948, architecture in Israel was dominated by the need to house masses of new immigrants. The Brutalist concrete style suited Israel's harsh climate and paucity of natural building materials.
  • However, the 125 year-old Bagbazar Reading Library is not in good shape because of paucity of funds.
  • An A-3 Skywarrior has also been requested from the Navy for future restoration and display, but the paucity of remaining airframes not already on display elsewhere will make this a challenge.
  • Like other Polynesian languages, the phonology of Marquesan languages is characterised by a paucity of consonants and a comparative abundance of vowels.
  • Kenzō is considered to have ruled the country during the late-5th century, but there is a paucity of information about him.

  • Very little known due to the paucity of specimens. It is assumed to be oviparous.
  • The Maximum Entropy thermodynamics has some important opposition, in part because of the relative paucity of published results from the MaxEnt school, especially with regard to new testable predictions far-from-equilibrium.
  • In 1871, Orlando M. Poe recommended the construction of this light. However, a paucity of funds delayed the United States Congress in acting on the request.
  • There is a paucity of reliable guidance on estimating sample sizes before starting the research, with a range of suggestions given.
  • The paucity of material severely limits current knowledge about the Etruscan words for numbers, and their grammar. For example, the assumed word for 9, "nurφ", is known from a single inscription.

  • Despite his paucity of event wins, Warren was NHRA's Division Seven points leader every year from 1975 to 1978.
  • The word "aḥruf" is the plural of paucity of the Arabic word "ḥarf", which has multiple meanings.
  • The natural history of many species of "Toxicocalamus" is almost entirely undocumented, due to a paucity of specimens and the infrequence of their encounter in the field.
  • Lewu, which is currently extinct, may have been related to Lawu, but classification is uncertain due to the paucity of data.
  • Tracing the evolution of these species has been problematic given the paucity of good fossils. DNA sequencing has become the preferred approach to understanding speciation.

  • There is a paucity of information on the biology and ecology of "Limicolaria flammea" in the wild.
  • The idea for a mythical script, native to Formosa, was founded on a formulation of the author, though he also noted the paucity in quality of information from that region.
  • In addition there is the Ngombe language, whose placement is uncertain due to a paucity of data.
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