Translation for 'peculiar' from English to Russian
ADJ   peculiar | more peculiar | most peculiar
SYNO curious | funny | odd | ...
особенный {adj} [необычный]peculiar
странный {adj}peculiar [strange]
своеобразный {adj}peculiar [strange]
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Usage Examples English
  • This motion can cause confusion when looking at a solar or galactic spectrum, because the expected redshift based on the simple Hubble law will be obscured by the peculiar motion.
  • Professors Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaan collected a peculiar Palestinian version, from an old storyteller in Ramallah.
  • The "Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies" is a catalog of peculiar galaxies produced by Halton Arp in 1966.
  • An anomaly surviving from before the Reformation was the peculiar jurisdiction of St.
  • The spectral classification of DX Andromedae as a whole is classified as peculiar of the U Geminorum type.

  • The party believes every society has the right to devise peculiar solutions to the peculiar problems they face.
  • Besides this peculiar kind of epigram, Archelaus wrote a work called ἰδιοφυῆ ("strange or peculiar animals"), which seems to have likewise been written in verse, and to have treated on strange and paradoxical subjects, like his epigrams.
  • 3 megaparsecs (76 million light years) from the Milky Way and has a peculiar aspect, with several plumes and streams of irregular shape that explains its inclusion on Halton C.
  • Otherwise known as "syndrigasti" (a word meaning "peculiar spirit" in the Old Peculiar language, which is in turn the author's adaptation of Old English, or Anglo-Saxon language), peculiar folk are a branch of humanity possessing a second soul which manifests itself in strange ways such as abnormal characteristics and abilities commonly referred to as "peculiarities".
  • The redshift of a galaxy includes the recessional velocity cause by the expansion of the Universe (see Hubble's law) and the peculiar velocity of the galaxy itself.

  • Locations where very high rainfall and peculiar soil conditions in the folds of the hills bring in specialised microclimatic situations leading to a peculiar habitat, which supports relatively specialised vegetation.
  • SN 2002cx is a peculiar type Ia supernova. It behaved differently from normal type Ia supernovae, and differently from several other previously observed peculiar type Ia supernovae including SN 1991T and SN 1991bg.
  • Peculiar velocities can also contain useful information about the universe.
  • Due to its unique features it was both "a peculiar oligarchy" [...] in that only a few men were chosen for political office and "a most peculiar democracy" [...] in that laws of suffrage changed frequently both to restrict and to expand the franchise.
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