Translation for 'phoneme' from English to Russian
NOUN   a phoneme | phonemes
фонема {ж}
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Translation for 'phoneme' from English to Russian

фонема {ж}линг.фонет.
Usage Examples English
  • An important aspect of the Cree vowel system is that the Proto Algonquian short /e/ phoneme merged with short /i/ phoneme as shown above.
  • , for example, treats vowel quantity as its own separate phoneme (a "prosodeme") so that long and short vowels are allophones of a single vowel phoneme.
  • Since a simpler form of the rune was taken by the /a/ phoneme, the older cross form of the rune now came to be used for the /h/ phoneme.
  • In addition to phoneme inventories, PHOIBLE includes distinctive feature data for each phoneme in each language.
  • In some countries of the Central and Eastern Europe the sharp g phoneme is used interchangeably with the more "deaf" (less noticeable) h phoneme.

  • Propelling air in mouth makes sound if articulated. The least part of human language is phoneme. It varies in languages. Generally some points in the mouth and nose help to propel phoneme.
  • When phones are considered to be realizations of the same phoneme, they are called allophones of that phoneme (more information on the methods of making such assignments can be found under phoneme).
  • ] phoneme in Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform, and the [...] phoneme in Semitic languages represented by the letter shin (Phoenician and its descendants).
  • "jh" was a marginal phoneme in Sanskrit, hence its phonology is more difficult to reconstruct; it was more commonly employed in the Middle Indo-Aryan languages as a result of phonological processes resulting in the phoneme.
  • In Migueleño Chiquitano, phoneme /ȶ/ contrasts with phoneme /c̠/; in conservative Irish, laminal alveolo-palatal phoneme /ṉʲ/ contrasts with both dorsal palatal phoneme /ɲ/ and apical palatalized alveolar phoneme /nʲ/.

  • change in the pronunciation of phonemes—can lead to phonological change (i.e., change in the relationships between phonemes within the structure of a language).
  • The Wojokeso has fifteen simple and six complex consonant phonemes.
  • Phoneme /b/ evolved as [...]. The [...] phoneme was generally derived either (1) from an allophone of Latin [...] between vowels or (2) from the Latin phoneme corresponding to the letter ⟨v⟩ (pronounced [...] in Classical Latin, but later fortified to the status of a fricative consonant in Vulgar Latin).
  • During late antiquity, the Greek phoneme represented by the letter [...] mutated from an aspirated stop [...] to a dental fricative [...].
  • ] phonemes merged with the [...] phoneme, which then merged with the phoneme [...].

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