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NOUN   a pickpocketing | pickpocketings
карманная кража {ж}pickpocketing
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Translation for 'pickpocketing' from English to Russian

карманная кража {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Pickpocketing in the 18th century was committed by both men and women (looking at prosecuted cases of pickpocketing, it appears that there were more female defendants than male.) One reason that may explain why women pickpockets were older is that most of women pickpockets were prostitutes (this explains why very few women under 20 years old were convicted for picking pockets).
  • According to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security, petty theft, pickpocketing, scams, and sexual harassment still occur although they are usually not violent and weapons are not involved.
  • (chapter 3) – to whom he delivers all of the pickpocketing spoils without question.
  • Violence, fatalities and serious crime are rare in the district. However, pickpocketing is frequent due to the large crowds of shoppers that come to the area.
  • Uhlman had a non-speaking cameo in the movie "Harry in Your Pocket" released in 1974 and set, in part, in Seattle, where he played a "victim" of the pickpocketing main character "Harry".
  • Theft of personal property and pickpocketing are among the lowest in Europe, as is car theft and theft from a car.
  • Unlike Diablo, "Divine Divinity" also features a significant amount of traditional computer role-playing game elements such as branching conversation trees, non-combat skills like lockpicking, pickpocketing, and bartering, and a reputation and disposition system to track how NPCs will react to the player.
  • A pickpocket is a person who commits the act of pickpocketing.
  • The penal cases are usually for minor crimes such as pickpocketing.
  • Coleman wrote that while going to report on the 1974 Kentucky Derby, he had a mission to protect fellow journalist Milt Dunnell of the "Toronto Star" from pickpocketing.
  • Crush loads in transport vehicles can result in many secondary issues, such as petty theft and pickpocketing, extreme discomfort for passengers, sexual harassment, and an inability for passengers to board and alight vehicles in a timely manner.
  • Since the late 2000s the area is known for pickpocketing and trade of stolen goods, especially mobile phones picked from unaware tourists around Sacré-Cœur and Barbès.
  • It sells fruit and vegetables and according to Lonely Planet has a problem with pickpocketing.
  • In slightly later European clothing, pockets began by being hung like purses from a belt, which could be concealed beneath a coat or jerkin to discourage pickpocketing and reached through a slit in the outer garment.
  • Robbins gained notoriety after pickpocketing Secret Service agents accompanying former President Jimmy Carter.
  • Avadon became a recognized expert on pickpocketing.
  • Jane is a showman with skills in sleight of hand and magic, as well as pickpocketing and lock picking. He will occasionally use these skills when solving crimes, but they are rarely useful.
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