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NOUN   a pine forest | pine forests
сосновый лес {м}
pine forest
сосняк {м} [сосновый лес]
pine forest
Partial Matches
сосна {м}
изнывать [несов.] [от жажды, голода]to pine
(обыкновенный) щур {м} [Pinicola enucleator]
pine grosbeak
сосновая шишка {ж}
pine cone
лес {м}
лесной пожар {м}forest fire
Тюрингенский лес {м}
Thuringian Forest
Тевтобургский лес {м}
Teutoburg Forest
хвойный лес {м}
coniferous forest
лесные звери {мн}
forest animals
смешанный лес {м}
mixed forest
древесная трясогузка {ж} [Dendronanthus indicus]
forest wagtail
еловый лес {м}
fir forest
ельник {м} [еловый лес]
fir forest
Баварский лес {м}
Bavarian Forest
берёзовый лес {м}
birch forest
буковый лес {м}
beech forest
высокоствольный лес {м}
high forest
девственный лес {м}
virgin forest
дубовый лес {м}
oak forest
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Usage Examples English
  • Here, the terrain is mostly temperate rainforest on the coast mixed with pine forest as one approaches the Canada-US border inland.
  • The Miķeļi's house was considered to be pine forest's sandy soils, since he expressed his protection to gatherers of forest's riches.
  • "Arduenna Sylva" was used for the pine forest on the plateau of Bastogne.
  • The painting already shows remarkable skill and grace, and the pine forest in the background shows a painter familiar with the mountain scenery of Thuringia.
  • ] pine forest in Yulee into a community complete with housing, offices, medical facilities, shopping centers, light industrial facilities and schools.

  • The pine forest situated between Ooty and Thalakunda is a small downhill region where pine trees are arranged in an orderly fashion.
  • Conder and Kitchener, describing the site in 1881, said that, with the exception of the olive groves to the north of the village, the low hill on which the village lies is "bare and white," a place now planted with a pine forest by the Jewish National Fund.
  • It is surrounded by a birch and pine forest on the shore of the Ob Sea, an artificial reservoir on the river Ob. Formally it is a part of Novosibirsk city, and has never been a closed city.
  • The pine forest of Barcola is located directly on the sea and is a meeting place for the inhabitants in every season.
  • Systematic management of forests for a sustainable yield of timber began in Portugal in the 13th century when King Afonso III planted the Pinhal do Rei (King's Pine Forest) near Leiria to prevent coastal erosion and soil degradation, and as a sustainable source for timber used in naval construction.

  • Olivine pine forest (a plant community) is unique to Norway. It is rare and found on dry olivine ridges in the fjord districts of Sunnmøre and Nordfjord.
  • These are mainly forested areas (pine forest).
  • The Scottish Highlands is the only area in the British Isles to have the taiga biome as it features concentrated populations of Scots pine forest: see Caledonian Forest.
  • There is a variety of natural habitat in Monterey: littoral zone and sand dunes; closed-cone pine forest; and Monterey Cypress.
  • In the Himalayan region of India, oak forests are being invaded by pine forests due to the increase in temperature.

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