Translation for 'pissed' from English to Russian
ADJ   pissed | more pissed | most pissed
VERB   to piss | pissed | pissed
pissing | pisses
SYNO besotted | blind drunk | blotto | ...
сердитый {adj}pissed [Am.] [vulg.]
нажираться [груб.] [доводить себя до состояния опьянения] [несов.]to get pissed [Br.] [sl.]
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Usage Examples English
  • No's vocals have been likened to 1960s German singer Nico and "a frightened Debbie Harry or a pissed-off Lene Lovich in a haunted disco".
  • In AmE the word "pissed" means being annoyed whereas in BrE it is a coarse word for being drunk (in both varieties, "pissed off" means irritated).
  • They retired together and resided in the Blue Ridge foothills of North Carolina where he remained a regular contributor to the Spectropop music website and newsgroup and held forth, via email, on all topics that "delighted him or pissed him off," according to his friend, Rex Strother.
  • Catullus (67.23) speaks of a father who "pissed in the lap of his own son" (...), that is, had sex with his son's wife.
  • Yan played Miguel Quirino, an elitist, methodical student council president that has exceptionally high standards, whose character was constantly pissed and flirted by Mela (Claudine Barretto) just to get his attention.

  • Jones claimed he had been "pissed off" recording the song, with his lead vocal showing a hint of annoyance at the ongoing takes.
  • A buffer segment in between commercial breaks that is a tape of a message left by listeners who are "drunk, high, pissed off, crazy and/or have a great accent" This segment seemed to have been picked up by "The Adam Carolla Show" on the radio.
  • Similarly the word "pissed" can refer either to being drunk (as in Britain), or being angry (as in the US), though anger is more often said as "pissed off", while "piss drunk" or "pissed up" is said to describe inebriation (though "piss drunk" is sometimes also used in the US, especially in the northern states).
  • Jugg plays accordion in an Irish/folk rock band called Dirty Water which he has described as "a good excuse for getting pissed".
  • " Pist" serves as a homophone of "pissed", which is Australian slang for being exceptionally intoxicated.

  • Music journalist Jenn Pelly described them as "raw, primal, ferocious, pissed, crude" and "a manic London post-punk band that hinges between razorsharp cleverness and total disintegration".
  • You sense that struggle between the writing of a political scientist and the inner rage of a pissed off citizen throughout the book, and it's a quality that makes her writing so approachable.
  • Sohyun is pissed off with Chowon and vice versa. Yeonhee is telling Minjeong to control her expressions because she always looks pissed off.
  • "Bollock naked" is used in the singular form to emphasise being completely nude: "he was completely pissed and stark "bollock naked".
  • This act pissed off the British government and there was an order to use force on Ado Kingdom by the British Government.

  • The memoir has since been called "a classic of the pissed-off-secretary genre" by Glenn Thrush.
  • On 25 November 2015 The King Blues announced they had reformed on their official Facebook page, with the words "Guess who's back and pissed off again".
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