Translation for 'pitfall' from English to Russian
NOUN   a pitfall | pitfalls
SYNO booby trap | pit | pitfall
западня {ж}pitfall [trap]
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Translation for 'pitfall' from English to Russian

pitfall [trap]
западня {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Trapping is undertaken through the use of buried buckets (pitfall traps) placed alongside the fence material.
  • An identification pitfall is that juvenile black-crowned tchagra has a brown crown. It can be separated from southern tchagra by its larger size, relatively shorter bill and paler underparts.
  • The pitfall traps of protocarnivorous plants are identical to those of carnivorous plants in every way except in the plant's mode of digestion.
  • Wing chun is one martial art that attempts to avoid this pitfall by using uncommitted techniques.
  • A pitfall for Black in this opening, the Matovinsky Gambit, dates from a game by the 17th-century Italian chess player and writer Gioachino Greco.

  • "Amaurobiidae" is a family of three-clawed cribellate or ecribellate spiders found in crevices and hollows or under stones where they build retreats, and are often collected in pitfall traps.
  • After 3.d3 Black must be careful not to drift into an inferior variation of the King's Gambit Declined. One continuation that avoids this pitfall is 3...c6 4.Nf3 d5 5.Bb3 Bd6.
  • A ground-based beetle, pitfall traps are most effective in capturing specimen.
  • The single (type) species "Laozacla furca" Gorochov, 2014 is recorded from pitfall traps in Champasak Province, Laos, after which the genus is named.
  • Its tiny size and its color make it almost impossible to catch, but it can be attracted to light or found in pitfall traps.

  • "Chiasmocleis quilombola" has been collected with pitfall traps after heavy rains near a permanent lagoon and a temporary swamp.
  • Idris aims to avoid this pitfall by aggressively erasing unused terms.
  • A common pitfall in therapy is that they proved in 1917 to be "very superficial, they easily acquire knowledge but do not apply it in any way and soon forget it".
  • The case underlines the importance of businesses renting leased premises to be well-advised before entering into their leases, and in particular to be aware of the pitfall of doing authorised works without business security of tenure.
  • The spider hunts on the ground and often gets caught in pitfall traps. Females carry an egg sac around on their abdomen for around 3 weeks until spiderlings emerge and gather on the mother's back.

  • A pitfall trap is a trapping pit for small animals, such as insects, amphibians and reptiles.
  • The larvae are large and robust; they live in sandy soils, but do not make pitfall traps.
  • A similar pitfall occurs in the calculation of [...] Proving that differentiating [...] gives [...] involves calculating the difference quotient [...] in the first place, so a different method such as squeeze theorem must be used instead.
  • "Nectophrynoides wendyae" occurs in montane rainforest at elevations of [...] above sea level. It is a leaf-litter dweller; the type series was caught with pitfall traps.
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