Translation for 'podocyte' from English to Russian
NOUN   a podocyte | podocytes
подоцит {м}
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Translation for 'podocyte' from English to Russian

подоцит {м}биол.
Usage Examples English
  • Dach1 is highly expressed in the adult podocyte, with transcripts showing an approximate tenfold enrichment compared to total kidney cortex.
  • Podocalyxin is another sialoglycoprotein found in the foot processes of the podocyte cells of the glomerulus in kidneys.
  • Electron microscopy shows podocyte disruption (loss of foot processes or slit diaphragm).
  • Nox2 has been shown to interact directly with podocyte TRPC6 channels.
  • ... e., podocyte effacement), vacuolation, and growth of microvilli on the visceral epithelial cells, allowing for excess protein loss in the urine.

  • The glomerular basement membrane is a special case, consisting of a fusion of the podocyte and endothelial basal laminas, and lacking a lamina reticularis.
  • Her early work demonstrated the importance of podocyte apoptosis in diabetic kidney disease development.
  • A loss of the foot processes of the podocytes (i.e., podocyte effacement) is a hallmark of minimal change disease, which has therefore sometimes been called foot process disease.
  • The walls have a unique structure: there are pores between the cells that allow water and soluble substances to exit and after passing through the glomerular basement membrane and between podocyte foot processes, enter the capsule as ultrafiltrate.
  • When there is glomerular injury in the kidneys, the dendrin protein relocates to the podocyte nucleus in the slit diaphragm.

  • The glomerular endothelial cells, the glomerular basement membrane, and the filtration slits between the podocytes perform the filtration function of the glomerulus, separating the blood in the capillaries from the filtrate that forms in Bowman's capsule.
  • Secondary FSGS is caused by an identifiable stress or toxin that injures podocytes.
  • Recently, his group developed a novel system to culture podocytes to study kidney injury, repair, and regeneration.
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