Translation for 'poetic' from English to Russian
ADJ   poetic | more poetic | most poetic
SYNO poetic | poetical
поэтичный {adj}poetic
поэтический {adj}poetic
поэтическая вольность {ж}
poetic licence [Br.]
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Usage Examples English
  • While alliteration can be found in many poetic traditions, it is 'relatively infrequent' as a structured characteristic of poetic form.
  • "Voir Miami" (1962) revealed Groulx's poetic side. Although it presents an indictment of contemporary America, it does so in a poetic, almost lyrical style.
  • His most notable literary works were his "Fables and Parables" (1779), "Satires" (1779), and poetic letters and religious lyrics, in which the artistry of his poetic language reached its summit.
  • The traditional Welsh poetic meters consist of 24 types of poetic meter, called Y Pedwar Mesur ar Hugain in Welsh. They are all written in cynghanedd of varying degrees of complexity.
  • "Songes and Sonettes" is also known as the most important English poetic collection in the 16th century and inaugurated a long series of poetic anthologies in Elizabethan England.

  • The protagonist of this poetic novel, The Thief of Talant, is Reverdy himself attempting to find solidarity in what he perceives to be the accepting Parisian poetic scene before he learns otherwise.
  • His pen name (pseudonym) was Hesan (...) adopted from the name of a Sahabah in Islam. His favorite poetic form was Do-baytī but he had works in other Persian poetic forms including Mathnawi.
  • Extant Korean poetry in Chinese goes back to the Koguryŏ period. Tang poetic principles also appear to have influenced poetic composition the peninsula during the Koryŏ period.
  • Another word for Occident in German is "Abendland" (rarely: "Okzident"), now mainly poetic, which literally translates as "evening land".
  • Barfield's book "Poetic Diction" begins with examples of "felt changes" arising in reading poetry, and discusses how these relate to general principles of poetic composition.

  • The biologist Andreas Weber promotes what he calls "poetic ecology" and "poetic materialism".
  • Poetic justice, also called poetic irony, is a literary device with which ultimately virtue is rewarded and misdeeds are punished.
  • The Poetic Creativity Prize, valued at EP 60,000 (Egyptian Pounds sixty thousand), was won by the Egyptian poet Abdulaleem Al-Qabbani for his complete poetic works.
  • These basic units of poetic form are often combined into larger structures, called "poetic forms" or poetic modes (see the following section), as in the sonnet.
  • The divination text is written in a mix of prose and poetry, and although it does not have a fixed poetic metre, it does exhibit poetic features such as stylistic parallelism, alliteration and rhyme.

  • Strniša is most renowned for his poetry, based on a highly metaphysical poetic view, and his poetic plays.
  • Bunjevci preserved a large number of folk songs, such as Groktalice (epic-lyric songs written in decasyllable – a poetic meter of ten syllables in poetic tradition of syllabic verse).
  • A further, more constructive form of poetic parody is one that links the contemporary poet with past forms and past masters through affectionate parodying – thus sharing poetic codes while avoiding some of the anxiety of influence.
  • "Dinggedicht" (orig. German: literally, 'poem of things' or 'thing poem'; plural, "Dinggedichte") is a poetic form, referring to a specific focus and mood in the choice of a poetic theme.
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