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SYNO to call attention | to comment | to notice | ...
обращать (чье-л.) внимание [несов.]to point out
Partial Matches
показывать на [несов.]to point at
место {с} встречиmeeting point
сущность {ж}main point
точка {ж} перегиба кривой
inflection point
перекрёсток {м}intersection (point)
автодром {м} [для испытаний автомобилей]
vehicle testing point
восклицательный знак {м} <!>
exclamation point <!> [Am.]
точка {ж} зренияpoint of view
указывать на что-л. [несов.]to point at sth.
Дело в том, что ...The point is that...
точка {ж}point [particular place or position]
unverified не видеть смысла что-л. делатьto have no point in doing smth.
из {prep} [+gen.]out
стирать [несов.] [ластиком]to rub out
читать вслухto read out
unverified протянутьto stretch out
выплюнуть [сов.]to spit out
разбираться [несов.] [ приводить в порядок]to sort out
выявлять [несов.]to bring out
испытывать [несов.]to try out
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Usage Examples English
  • Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo point out differences between heroism and altruism, and they offer evidence that observer perceptions of unjustified risk play a role above and beyond risk type in determining the ascription of heroic status.
  • Moreover, critics of the GATT 24 approach point out that services would not be covered by such an arrangement.
  • Laugwitz (1989) and Benis-Sinaceur (1973) point out that Cauchy continued to use infinitesimals in his own research as late as 1853.
  • Writing to "The Times", Hayek said: "May one who has devoted a large part of his life to the study of the history and the principles of liberalism point out that a party that keeps a socialist government in power has lost all title to the name 'Liberal'.
  • Damasus had considered both Meletius and Gregory to be illegitimate bishops of their respective sees and yet, as Eastman and others point out, the Eastern bishops paid no heed to his opinions in this regard.

  • All may well include formulaic elements such as common stereotypes or caricatures, or which may use formulaic elements in order to mock them or point out their supposedly cliché or unrealistic natures.
  • Yet as Chan and others (2005) point out, the lessons of summer 1998 following the default on Russian government debt is that correlations that are zero or negative in normal times can turn overnight to one – a phenomenon they term "phase lock-in".
  • ] point out that the study used only 25 patients practicing at home for a few hours per day.
  • Linguists who are interested in the origins of Anguillan and other Caribbean Creoles point out that some of its grammatical features can be traced to African languages while others can be traced to European languages.
  • However, Muslim scholars point out that this status did not confer upon Israelites any racial superiority, and was only valid so long as the Israelites maintain their covenant with God.

  • They point out that during cooking of vegetables and fruit containing vitamin C, the vitamin elutes into the cooking water and becomes degraded through oxidation.
  • In these cases, the term was used to point out how family members of the ruling leaders become extremely wealthy with no non-political justification.
  • Malachi quickly goes on to point out that the people have not been faithful.
  • UK rail operators point out rail fare increases have been at a substantially lower rate than petrol prices for private motoring.
  • Regardless of the specific percentage of braille readers, proponents point out the importance of increasing access to braille for all those who can benefit from it.

  • Critics also point out that the PSOD is the only Department that actually makes money for the ADB.
  • He is a crossword addict and dislikes grammatical and spelling errors; in every personal or private document that he receives, he manages to point out at least one mistake.
  • Personal pronouns refer to persons; demonstrative pronouns point out English "this", "that", "there".
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