Translation for 'point' from English to Russian
NOUN   a point | points
VERB   to point | pointed | pointed
pointing | points
SYNO breaker point | compass point | decimal point | ...
точка {ж}point [particular place or position]
2 Words
показывать на [несов.]to point at
указывать на что-л. [несов.]to point at sth.
обращать (чье-л.) внимание [несов.]to point out
восклицательный знак {м} <!>
exclamation point <!> [Am.]
точка {ж} перегиба кривой
inflection point
перекрёсток {м}intersection (point)
сущность {ж}main point
место {с} встречиmeeting point
3 Words
точка {ж} зренияpoint of view
автодром {м} [для испытаний автомобилей]
vehicle testing point
4 Words
Дело в том, что ...The point is that...
5+ Words
unverified не видеть смысла что-л. делатьto have no point in doing smth.
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Usage Examples English
  • The operating point of a device, also known as "bias point", "quiescent point", or "Q-point", is the point on the output characteristics that shows the DC collector–emitter voltage ("V"ce) and the collector current ("I"c) with no input signal applied.
  • There have also been cases where the prevailing wind has aided point to point long distance races like the 2011 Boston Marathon, however the nature of point to point courses invalidate allowable records by design.
  • A MAC layer is not required in full-duplex point-to-point communication, but address fields are included in some point-to-point protocols for compatibility reasons.
  • In hyperbolic geometry, an ideal point, omega point or point at infinity is a well-defined point outside the hyperbolic plane or space.
  • The Point-to-Point Racing Company Ltd In 2010, half of the business was bought by the Point-to-Point Authority and this shared ownership (Weatherbys/PPA) remains in place.

  • Point-to-point MPLS VPNs employ VLL (virtual leased lines) for providing Layer 2 point-to-point connectivity between two sites. Ethernet, TDM, and ATM frames can be encapsulated within these VLLs.
  • In geometry, the Feuerbach hyperbola is a rectangular hyperbola passing through important triangle centers such as the Orthocenter, Gergonne point, Nagel point and Shiffler point.
  • Sha Tau Kok Control Point is one of Hong Kong's border crossing points at the geographical land border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China.
  • The Duwamish called it "Prairie Point" (Lushootseed: "sbaqWábaqs").
  • North Point Light, also known as North Point Hummock Light, was located on North Point, the most northern point on Moreton Island.

  • In the figure above, price of the share reverses five times, reversal point "d" is made at a lower point than reversal point "b" and reversal point "c" and "e" occur successively higher than reversal point "a".
  • This point is called the triangle's symmedian point, or alternatively the Lemoine point or Grebe point.
  • FWB-200 Series. Indoor and outdoor wireless point-to-point bridges, equipped with dual 802.11n MIMO radios. The point-to-point bridges are used to connect distant, wireless networks to each other.
  • If the point farthest from the line segment is greater than [...] from the approximation then that point must be kept.
  • Swell Point is a small, narrow point on the island's east coast, near its southeast extremity, [...] south of Resolution Point. It was named descriptively.

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