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ADJ   poisonous | more poisonous | most poisonous
SYNO poisonous | toxicant | venomous | ...
ядовитый {adj}poisonous
ядовитая змея {ж}
poisonous snake
ядовитый паук {м}
poisonous spider
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Usage Examples English
  • "Paralepistopsis acromelalga" is a poisonous species known from Japan, commonly called the poison dwarf bamboo mushroom. It had been discovered to be poisonous in 1918.
  • The zoo also includes a snake farm called 'The Reptile House', which exhibits both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. It also houses 7 Anacondas too.
  • In Europe, toxic forms are not normally found, but "Agrocybe molesta" could be confused with poisonous white "Agaricus" species or with poisonous "Amanita" species.
  • Very few lichens are poisonous. Poisonous lichens include those high in vulpinic acid Most (but not all) lichens that contain vulpinic acid are yellow, so any yellow lichen should be considered to be potentially poisonous.
  • Any practical use of thallium(III) oxide will always have to take account of thallium's poisonous nature.

  • Poison ivy is a common name for "Toxicodendron radicans", a poisonous plant, and two other poisonous plant species.
  • As with all cycads, members of the "Zamiaceae" are poisonous, producing poisonous glycosides known as cycasins.
  • "A. pantherina" var. "pantherinoides" is considered inedible and possibly poisonous. Varieties "multisquamosa" and "velatipes" are considered poisonous.
  • It closely resembles the poisonous "Paxillus involutus", and is considered likely to also be poisonous.
  • "Tripterygium regelii" is listed as a poisonous plant in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Poisonous Plant Database.

  • Most toxic amphibians are poisonous to touch or eat.
  • As the caterpillars feed off these poisonous pipevines, the insects become poisonous themselves, tasting very bad to birds.
  • The red-black coloring is a warning (aposematism), as they are poisonous by storing substances from their poisonous host plants. The birds learn to avoid these prey.
  • The mushroom has been variously reported as "mildly poisonous", or indigestible. It should not be consumed due to its similarity to deadly poisonous species.
  • The following is a list of poisonous animals, which are animals that passively deliver toxins (called poison) to their victims upon contact such as through inhalation, absorption through the skin, or after being ingested.

  • Alexander Hanchett Smith and Nancy S. Weber state that the species is not poisonous. Contrarily, one source regards it as possibly poisonous. "S. riparia", and "S. semiglobata".
  • For protection against predators, this non-poisonous butterfly mimics the poisonous male "Cressida cressida", another swallowtail butterfly that obtains its toxic properties through its host plant, the Dutchman's pipe.
  • Vegetation shifts from non-poisonous to poisonous plants seem to correlate with increased land degradation.
  • The prominent characteristics of the "Vishap" are that they come from the "water" and they are "poisonous"; Thus, they are described as "water dragons with poisonous saliva".
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