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NOUN   a product line | product lines
SYNO business line | line | line of business | ...
товарная линия {ж} [группа взаимосвязанных товаров, выпускаемых данным производителем под определенным названием и торговой маркой]
product line
Partial Matches
продукт {м}product
изделие {с}
менеджер {м} по продукту
product manager
молочный продукт {м}dairy product
очередь {ж} [группа людей]line [Am.]
пунктир {м}broken line
пунктир {м}dotted line
телефонная линия {ж}
telephone line
горизонтальная линия {ж}horizontal line
фронтовик {м}
front-line soldier
кредитная линия {ж}
line of credit
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Usage Examples English
  • The only significant competition it faced from a non-compatible platform throughout the 1980s was from the Apple Macintosh product line.
  • The product line evolved in the 1990s from an operating environment into a fully complete, modern operating system over two lines of development, each with their own separate codebase.
  • It is a hardware revision to the original Game Boy and is part of the Game Boy product line.
  • Sometimes, tabletop GMs simply can not find players interested in either the same setting, product line, or play style in their local neighborhood.
  • TSR dropped the 3rd edition of "Gamma World" from its product line before the multi-module storyline could be completed.

  • Food and beverage companies may require flavors for new products, product line extensions (e.g., low fat versions of existing products), or changes in formula or processing for existing products.
  • In October 2001, Microway became the exclusive sales and service provider of API NetWorks' Alpha-based product line.
  • After several attempts to enter the workstation and file server market, the DEC Alpha product line began to make successful inroads in the mid-1990s, but was too late to save the company.
  • This product line consists of original Commodore products.
  • Long-time employees and part-owners Charlie Krank and Lynn Willis remained at Chaosium as President and Editor-in-Chief respectively, continuing on with "Call of Cthulhu" as the main product line.

  • During the 1950s and 1960s, Cessna's marketing department followed the lead of Detroit automakers and came up with many unique marketing terms in an effort to differentiate its product line from their competitors.
  • Magicbox, a manufacturer of signage and broadcast display machines, uses BeOS to power their Aavelin product line.
  • The porting of Maya to Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows further eroded the low end of SGI's product line.
  • The PowerBook 500 series was the mainstay of the product line until the PowerBook 5300.
  • RCA discontinued their use in television tuners for its product line in late 1971.

  • The PDP-10 was eventually eclipsed by the VAX superminicomputer machines (descendants of the PDP-11) when DEC recognized that the PDP-10 and VAX product lines were competing with each other and decided to concentrate its software development effort on the more profitable VAX.
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