Translation for 'prosaic' from English to Russian
ADJ   prosaic | more prosaic | most prosaic
SYNO commonplace | earthbound | humdrum | ...
прозаический {adj} [обыденный; непоэтичный]prosaic
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Usage Examples English
  • The consumer reviews on the site have been described as "admirably prosaic" by Alexis Petridis in "The Guardian".
  • However, the more prosaic explanation refers to two old words "thora" meaning height, and "kove" meaning cabin or hut.
  • Her video clips are strongly imbued with the prosaic erotic charge, i.e. erotic capital, that mostly seeks to seduce post-patriarchal listeners.
  • Floyd C. Gale rated the collection four stars out of five, writing that "Bradbury's touch breathes fantasy into his most prosaic items ... all have an intense emotional impact".
  • He is referred to by Aristotle in "Poetics" and "Rhetoric", who notes his prosaic style and lack of idealism.

  • The novel is written in an elegant and refined prose, full of metaphors and prosaic poetry, that shows the beauty and exoticism of the virgin rainforest.
  • Thomas Mann published an essay, "Über die Ehe" (On Marriage), written in 1925, where he states that homoeroticism is aesthetic, while heterosexuality is prosaic.
  • A second version (~445 BCE), and also the most prosaic, had it that Gaius Curtius Philon, a consul, consecrated the site after a lightning strike had hit it.
  • Ottar Grønvik (1985) offers a more prosaic interpretation.
  • His poetic and prosaic works were published in two volumes in Beirut in 1981 according to the University Institution.

  • Hovey travelled extensively to study geological phenomena and was often accompanied by his wife, Esther Lancraft, who would write up the more prosaic aspects of their travels.
  • This work was met with many reactions that ranged from the good reception given to this bold opening to the story with the prosaic manner that it requires, and the refusal by those who consider that the prosaic narrative is greater than that borne by the poem.
  • There is to be noted in al-Ḍāhirī's style a marked transition from the early Spanish-type of poetry typical of Yemen prior to his time (depicted in the prosaic writings of Daniel berav Fayyūmī and Avraham b. ...
  • Thereafter, several prosaic, lyrical and books of essays followed.
  • Garden consists of live-sculptures depicting the North Karnataka culture. Various murals, all which are hand-crafted are arranged in a prosaic manner.

  • His sensitivity gave him 'the ability to animate and give inner life to objects normally considered prosaic because of their familiarity'. His skin tones are reminiscent of those of Renoir.
  • The reality is more prosaic. The formal name is the "Pavilion of San Telmo". Mercedes died of typhus about fifteen years before the building was erected in 1893.
  • Polkan is originally based on Pulicane, a half-dog character from Andrea da Barberino's poem "I Reali di Francia", which was once popular in the Slavonic world in prosaic translations.
  • The cemetery originally went by the imposing name of the "Eastern Necropolis", but this quickly fell out of favour to be replaced with its current, more prosaic, name.
  • In 2009, David Field and researchers at Aarhus University discovered spontaneous electric fields when creating prosaic films [...] of various gases.

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