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NOUN   a purple sandpiper | purple sandpipers
морской песочник {м} [Calidris maritima]
purple sandpiper
Partial Matches
пурпурный {adj}purple
фиолетовый {adj}purple
черныш {м} [Tringa ochropus]
green sandpiper
улит-отшельник {м} [Tringa solitaria]
solitary sandpiper
фифи {м} [нескл.] [Tringa glareola]
wood sandpiper
краснозобик {м} [Calidris ferruginea]
curlew sandpiper
перевозчик {м} [Actitis hypoleucos]
common sandpiper
пурпурная лесная ласточка {ж} [Progne subis]
purple martin
рыжая цапля {ж} [Ardea purpurea]
purple heron
грязовик {м} [Calidris falcinellus, syn.: Limicola falcinellus]
broad-billed sandpiper
бонапартов песочник {м} [Calidris fuscicollis]
white-rumped sandpiper
канадский песочник {м} [Calidris subruficollis, syn.: Tryngites subruficollis]
buff-breasted sandpiper
желтозобик {м} [Calidris subruficollis, syn.: Tryngites subruficollis]
buff-breasted sandpiper
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Usage Examples English
  • The town's outer harbour is protected by a long breakwater, useful for sea angling. In winter, this is a site for purple sandpiper birds.
  • In Europe, on the other hand, an apparent hybrid between the dunlin and the purple sandpiper ("Calidris" maritima") has turned up.
  • The area supports a large number of over-wintering waders and waterbirds, including internationally important populations of purple sandpiper and ruddy turnstone.
  • The increased numbers of small prey items makes the affected rocky coasts more attractive to birds such as the purple sandpiper and European rock pipit.
  • Many birds visit the island during the winter and migration seasons including waders such as purple sandpiper, ruddy turnstone, and European golden plover.

  • The purple sandpiper's breeding range extends from the arctic islands of northern Canada, eastwards to Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard and northern Scandinavia across to Western Siberia and the Taymyr Peninsula.
  • Apparent hybrids between this species and the white-rumped sandpiper as well as with the purple sandpiper have been reported from the Atlantic coasts of North America and Europe, respectively.
  • Seabirds (including the purple sandpiper, "Calidris maritima") do eat adult flies; however, these birds only peck within the first few inches of the seaweed and don't penetrate deep enough to get to the eggs and larvae.
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