Translation for 'rascal' from English to Russian
NOUN   a rascal | rascals
SYNO imp | knave | monkey | ...
жиган {м} [жарг.] [мошенник, пройдоха]rascal
плут {м} [разг.] [особ. ласково о ребенке]rascal
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Usage Examples English
  • An article in "The Atlanta Constitution" in 1975 described Harper as the "one-time rascal of early morning repartee for WIIN radio" and said that he was "once known as The King of Bad Taste".
  • The first main story arc focuses on a tournament with obscure rules called "Lausbuben Battle Royal". 40 competitors gather on an island to find out who's the greatest rascal of all time.
  • Chesterton suggested that Dickens "May never once have had the unfriendly thought, 'Suppose Hunt behaved like a rascal!
  • Earlier in the passage, Roccolen appears in conflict with Gregory of Tours himself, and Roccolen is described by Gregory as being an impious rascal.
  • Prior to the group's formation, Badmarsh (whose name means "rascal" in Hindi) who later produced his debut solo album, "Drum the Bass".

  • A fat rascal, closely related to the historical turf cake, is a type of cake, similar to a scone or rock cake in both taste and ingredients.
  • The 1913 edition of Webster's Dictionary reflects the 19th century understanding of the word "wikt:ruffian" as a "scoundrel, rascal, or unprincipled, deceitful, brutal and unreliable person".
  • Michael Heyden states that Boucher asked the governor, "Why did you destroy our fort, you damned rascal".
  • The second edition of "Wildcat" reported that one officer indicated to a member of their group and said, "He's a bit of a rascal, isn't he?
  • He wrote that Giacomo Messedaglia was "a rascal and a knave ... a crook to the end", while Romolo Gessi was "capable of the worst and basest actions".

  • The lyrical story is that of a man who lies, steals and always gets himself in trouble. The only thing he doesn't screw up is the love he's somehow found while being such a rascal.
  • Knight has always denied he was a 'gangster', preferring instead the term 'loveable rascal'.
  • "Lazzarella", the title of the song, is a colloquial word that refers to a woman who is a "little scoundrel" or a "little rascal".
  • A ruffian is a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.
  • His name, Kolohe, means "little rascal" in Hawaiian.

  • "Now see that gerbil, grab that tube / stick it up my butt / let that little rascal nibble on my asshole".
  • "Deliciosa sinvergüenza" (in English: "Delicious rascal") is a 1990 Mexican comedy film directed by René Cardona Jr. and starring Lucero.
  • His role as a rascal in " [...] " (1982), based upon the novel of Ramón J.
  • In Burns's "Libel Summons" he refers to Smith "Next merchant Smith, our worthy Fiscal, To cow each pertinacious rascal; In this, as every other state. His merit is conspicuous great".
  • Johann Georg Grasel ([...]; 4 April 1790 – 31 January 1818) was a Czech robber and murderer. His name is used in Czech as a common term for a rascal or villain ("grázl") to this day.

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