Translation for 'readily' from English to Russian
SYNO promptly | pronto | readily
легко {adv} [без труда]readily [easily]
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Translation for 'readily' from English to Russian

readily [easily]
легко {adv} [без труда]
Usage Examples English
  • Like other hickories, it probably sprouts readily from small stumps, injured or top-killed seedlings and saplings, and from roots.
  • Northern rātā may be propagated readily from fresh seed.
  • Because of its physical properties, honokiol can readily cross the blood brain barrier and the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.
  • Volatiles are the group of chemical elements and chemical compounds that can be readily vaporized.
  • Seeds germinate readily in around two to three weeks and established plants self-seed readily.

  • It is readily soluble in methanol, ethanol and hot water, but only slightly in diethyl ether.
  • In addition to good food resources, material for tools was also readily available.
  • The tobacco plant readily absorbs and accumulates heavy metals, such as copper from the surrounding soil into its leaves.
  • The statutory definition of "readily achievable" calls for a balancing test between the cost of the proposed "fix" and the wherewithal of the business and/or owners of the business.
  • The contemporary conception of "Heimat" is most readily seen in the "Heimatfilm" from the "Heimat" period c.

  • Organic nitriles do not readily release cyanide ions, and so have low toxicities.
  • Cyclopropanation also occur readily with diazomethanes.
  • While alkyl bromides and iodides are more reactive, alkyl chlorides tend to be less expensive and more readily available.
  • In general, "sulfur is very nucleophilic because of its large size", which makes it readily polarizable, and its lone pairs of electrons are readily accessible.
  • Inversions are a class of copy-number balanced structural variation, which lead to a change in strand directionality readily visualised by Strand-seq.

  • It should therefore readily form a hydrated Rf4+ ion in strong acid solution and should readily form complexes in hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic or hydrofluoric acid solutions.
  • Hexaethyl tetraphosphate does not burn readily. It is miscible and soluble in water.
  • It is kinetically labile, being readily hydrolysed by water or hydrochloric acid, and readily forms adducts with two- or four-electron Lewis bases.
  • It grows readily in tropical climates, tolerating down to 5 °C and even lower for short spells.
  • Readily adaptable to cultivation, "Doodia aspera" grows in shade or sun with adequate moisture on acidic soils with some organic content.

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