Translation for 'rhinoceros' from English to Russian
NOUN   a rhinoceros | rhinoceroses / [esp. collectively] rhinoceros / [nonstandard or hum.] rhinoceri / [archaic] rhinocerotes
SYNO rhino | rhinoceros
носорог {м}
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Translation for 'rhinoceros' from English to Russian

носорог {м}зоол.T
Usage Examples English
  • The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is a Texas-based charity focused on the conservation of the five species of rhinoceros: the White Rhinoceros and Black Rhinoceros in Africa, and the Indian Rhinoceros, Javan Rhinoceros and Sumatran Rhinoceros in Asia.
  • For example, the Sumatran rhinoceros and the Javan rhinoceros both have brachydont, lophodont cheek teeth whereas the Indian rhinoceros has hypsodont dentition.
  • Another example of species going through coextinction is the rhinoceros stomach bot fly ("Gyrostigma rhinocerontis") and its host species the endangered black rhinoceros and white rhinoceros ("Diceros bicornis" and "Ceratotherium simum").
  • "Xylotrupes meridionalis", commonly known as forked horns rhinoceros beetle, is a species of rhinoceros beetle found in India and Sri Lanka.
  • The Sumatran rhinoceros ("Dicerorhinus sumatrensis") is the smallest extant rhinoceros species, as well as the one with the most hair.

  • Elephants and rhinoceros are poached for ivory and rhinoceros horn.
  • In Hawaii and in Asia where there are coconut rhinoceros beetles ("Oryctes rhinoceros"), "Calais speciosus" has been introduced to control their population, as it may eat the grubs or eggs of "Oryctes rhinoceros".
  • Cacareco's candidacy inspired the Rhinoceros Party of Canada, nominally led by the rhinoceros Cornelius the First.
  • Kruger National Park suffers from rhinoceros poaching almost daily.
  • The Northern Sumatran rhinoceros is known to be the most well respected and depicted in Chinese literature.

  • The southern white rhinoceros or southern white rhino ("Ceratotherium simum simum") is one of the two subspecies of the white rhinoceros (the other being the much rarer northern white rhinoceros).
  • From the late Middle Pleistocene onwards, the narrow-nosed rhinoceros and its relative, the Merck's rhinoceros were the only surviving species of "Stephanorhinus".
  • "Stephanorhinus" is an extinct genus of two-horned rhinoceros native to Eurasia and North Africa that lived during the Pliocene to Late Pleistocene.
  • Indian rhinoceros ("Rhinoceros unicornis") were translocated from Chitwan National Park to establish a third viable population in the country.
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