Translation for 'rhodium' from English to Russian
NOUN   rhodium | -
SYNO atomic number 45 | Rh | rhodium
родий {м} <Rh>
rhodium <Rh>
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Translation for 'rhodium' from English to Russian

rhodium <Rh>
родий {м} <Rh>хим.
Usage Examples English
  • Rhodplumsite is a rare rhodium-lead sulfide mineral, chemical formula Rh3Pb2S2.
  • Rhodium(II) acetate is usually prepared by the heating of hydrated rhodium(III) chloride in acetic acid (CH3COOH): Rhodium(II) acetate dimer undergoes ligand exchange, the replacement of the acetate group by other carboxylates and related groups.
  • The element's major use (about 80% of world rhodium production) is as one of the catalysts in the three-way catalytic converters of automobiles.
  • created rhodium complexes that generated rhodium nanoparticles.
  • South Africa produces 80-90% of Rhodium each year. Russia is the second largest producer of rhodium but it is around 1%.

  • Rhodium(IV) fluoride is a chemical compound of rhodium and fluorine.
  • Rhodium(III) nitrate is used as a precursor to synthesize rhodium.
  • Bis(triphenylphosphine)rhodium carbonyl chloride is the precursor to tris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium carbonyl hydride, an important catalyst for hydroformylation.
  • Rhodium hexafluoride, also rhodium(VI) fluoride, (RhF6) is the inorganic compound of rhodium and fluorine.
  • "Cyclamen rhodium" subsp. "rhodium" is white or pale pink with a pink nose and grows in shaded woodland and shrubland on the islands of Rhodes and Kos.

  • Rhodium is usually supplied commercially in the Rh(III) oxidation state, the main starting reagent being hydrated rhodium trichloride.
  • The rhodium–centroid distance is 1.904 Å and the rhodium–carbon bond lengths average 2.26 Å; the carbon–carbon bond lengths average 1.44 Å.
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