Translation for 'rhombus' from English to Russian
NOUN   a rhombus | rhombi / rhombuses
SYNO diamond | rhomb | rhombus
ромб {м}
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Translation for 'rhombus' from English to Russian

ромб {м}мат.
Usage Examples English
  • The angle this side of the radio latino's rhombus makes to the telescope can be set by adjusting the rhombus' diagonal length.
  • Each diagonal of a rhombus bisects opposite angles.
  • ... 4)2 represents the rhombic dodecahedron which is face-transitive: every face is a rhombus, and alternating vertices of the rhombus contain 3 or 4 faces each.
  • It is usually cut and served in triangle or rhombus-shaped pieces.
  • The use of the rhombus in the Order is officially explained by the fact that "the rhombus is a great sign of God the Father in Georgian symbolism and church painting".

  • The "dodecagonal rhomb tiling" include three tiles, a 30° rhombus, a 60° rhombus, and a square. And expanded set can also include an equilateral triangle, half of the 60° rhombus.60° rhombus.
  • Embedded in projection "10" are the "fat" rhombus and "skinny" rhombus which tile together to produce the non-periodic tessellation often referred to as Penrose tiling.
  • Johannes Kepler in Harmonices Mundi (1618) named this polyhedron a "rhombicuboctahedron", being short for "truncated cuboctahedral rhombus", with "cuboctahedral rhombus" being his name for a rhombic dodecahedron.
  • The Toyota Rhombus is a rhombus-shaped concept vehicle presented at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.
  • For example, Aristotle's system could not deduce "No quadrangle that is a square is a rectangle that is a rhombus" from "No square that is a quadrangle is a rhombus that is a rectangle" or from "No rhombus that is a rectangle is a square that is a quadrangle".

  • The golden rhombus should be distinguished from the two rhombi of the Penrose tiling, which are both related in other ways to the golden ratio but have different shapes than the golden rhombus.
  • A parallelogram with sides of equal length (equilateral) is a rhombus but not a rhomboid.
  • A rhombus is a cavalry formation in which troops are arrayed to form a rhombus-shaped body.
  • Johannes Kepler in Harmonices Mundi (1618) named this polyhedron a "rhombicosidodecahedron", being short for "truncated icosidodecahedral rhombus", with "icosidodecahedral rhombus" being his name for a rhombic triacontahedron.
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