Translation for 'rib' from English to Russian
NOUN   a rib | ribs
VERB   to rib | ribbed | ribbed
ribbing | ribs
SYNO costa | rib | to blackguard | ...
ребро {с}
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Translation for 'rib' from English to Russian

ребро {с}анат.
Usage Examples English
  • The internal intercostal muscles have fibres that are angled obliquely downward and backward from rib to rib. These muscles can therefore assist in lowering the rib cage, adding force to exhalation.
  • A traditional "entrecôte" is a boneless cut from the rib area corresponding to the steaks known in different parts of the English-speaking world as rib, rib eye, Scotch fillet, club, or Delmonico.
  • A rib waveguide is a waveguide in which the guiding layer basically consists of the slab with a strip (or several strips) superimposed onto it.
  • A standing rib roast, also known as prime rib, is a cut of beef from the primal rib, one of the primal cuts of beef.
  • The Famous Beverly Hills Restaurant, Lawry's The Prime Rib has a special cut of Prime Rib called the "Diamond Jim Brady Cut", an extra-thick portion, rib bone in.

  • The costochondral joints are the joints between the ribs and costal cartilage in the front of the rib cage.
  • Rib tips are short, meaty sections of rib attached to the lower end of the spare ribs, between the ribs and the sternum.
  • The transverse section of the leaf shows a well-defined mid-rib with two lateral wings except in the mid-rib region.
  • The rib eye or ribeye (known as Scotch fillet in Australia and New Zealand) is a boneless rib steak from the rib section.
  • On September 2, 2009, Patrick won the Nugget Rib Eating Championship at the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off, eating [...] of pork rib meat in 12 minutes.

  • The operculum is oval, brown within with sublateral nucleus; outside white, with a curved sub-obsolete central rib and an obsolete short basal rib.
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