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NOUN   a rice field | rice fields
рисовое поле {с}
rice field
плантация {ж} риса
rice field
Partial Matches
рис {м}rice
рисовое блюдо {с}
rice dish
рисоводство {с}
rice cultivation
рисоводство {с}
rice growing
рисовый суп {м}
rice soup
рисовый {adj}
rice [attr.]
воздушный рис {м}
puffed rice
поле {с}field
картофельное поле {с}
potato field
гейзерное поле {с}
geyser field
производственная практика {ж}(учащихся)field trip
шампиньон {м} (обыкновенный) [Agaricus campestris]
(field) mushroom
магнитное поле {с}
magnetic field
электромагнитное поле {с}
electromagnetic field
полевая артиллерия {ж}
field artillery
пшеничное поле {с}
wheat field
хлопковое поле {с}
cotton field
заливное поле {с}
paddy field
ржаное поле {с}
rye field
ячменное поле {с}
barley field
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Usage Examples English
  • 37 percent of the land in Solok is rice field and the remaining 78.63 percent is used for other than rice field.
  • A notable variant has a pattern reminiscent of an Asian rice field.
  • Redol would meet with agricultural workers, such as the rice field workers near the Tagus river, and hear about their stories and experiences.
  • It has been assumed that in more real terms, an annual offering of "human sacrifice" was being made to the serpent deity, a god of field and fertility, bestowing "fertility of crops and the productivity of man and cattle", or in terms of the specific rice crop, "orochi" was perhaps a "god of the river" which controlled the influx of irrigation water to the rice field.
  • A number of species of crustaceans were introduced to China to create markets for aquaculture and because they are better adapted to growing in a rice field than native fish species.

  • Every year on Good Friday or the Friday before Easter a dozen or so penitents - mostly men but with the occasional woman - are taken to a rice field in the barrio of San Pedro Cutud, 3 km (2 miles) from the proper of City of San Fernando, Pampanga and nailed to a cross using two-inch (5 cm) stainless steel nails that have been soaked in alcohol to disinfect them.
  • In the ad, Sorrenti "explains the benefits of using Tyreright to an Asian man standing in front of what appears to be a rice field, who then asks in broken English if the process of fitting a tyre will take a ‘wong’ time".
  • The name "danio" comes from the Bangla name "dhani", meaning "of the rice field".
  • between green bamboo after a bolt of lightning appears on the planted rice field out of gratitude to Raijin.
  • Catanauan Clay loam is found in the valley is used mostly on paddy rice field, while Bolinao Clay loam is devoted to coconut, bananas and other crops and some part has a mineral deposit like in Barangay Bulo and Cadlit.

  • In the wild, they are most commonly found in shallow water containing dense vegetation, such as a marsh or rice field.
  • A mistarget landed in Curvada rice field. Hundreds could have been killed if it landed in the public market.
  • It is the largest rice producer in the entire Cagayan Valley and has the largest irrigated rice field in the whole Region II of the Philippines.
  • The Oil Bowl was a college football bowl game played three times at Rice Field in Houston, Texas in the 1940s.
  • The rituals surrounding birth, death, and other life passages are extensive, as are those relating to more mundane activities, from hunting a tapir to planting a rice field.

  • In Hungary, cultivation started in 1974 on the rice field of Szarvas.
  • Inside, his work as a government official, including the opium trade and other work where he improved agricultural methods, championed water conservation (including his work to save Fuzhou's West Lake from becoming a rice field) and his campaign against corruption are well documented.
  • Most of the fish-raising is done by home production, with a growing segment devoted to rice field aquaculture.
  • However, in this connection, "na" means 'of rice field' and "yok" means 'exempted'.
  • 87 km2 of rice fields and 1,211.55 km2 of dry land.

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