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ADJ   righteous | more righteous | most righteous
праведный {adj}righteous
справедливый {adj}righteous
unverified добродетельный {adj}righteous
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Usage Examples English
  • Tzadik is a honorific title in Judaism given to people considered righteous, such as biblical figures and later spiritual masters. When applied to a righteous woman, the term is inflected as tzadika.
  • Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice.
  • Righteous indignation, also called righteous anger, in some Christian doctrines, is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple (Matthew 21).
  • The word "jung" can be translated as "righteous" while "do" means way. So Jung Do Kwan can be translated as school of the righteous way.
  • Balaam said, "Let me die the death of the righteous," he sought the death of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who were called righteous.
  • to show that there is double rejoicing in the case of a righteous one who is the child of a righteous one.
  • a synonym for "Satya Yuga", means "the accomplished or completed age" or "the age of righteous or action", a time when people perform pious (righteous) actions, and is sometimes referred to as the "Golden Age".
  • Amillennialism is a type of Chillegorism which teaches that there will be no millennial reign of the righteous on earth.
  • The title of the righteous man of the world was awarded to him on January 25, 2009.
  • The Allmusic review by Jason Ankeny awarded the album 4 stars stating "Terry moves from soprano to tenor to flute and back again, exemplifying the soul-searching restlessness of his music--at the same time, the individual players fuse seamlessly, channeling the righteous fury of Terry's vision to create a coherent, deeply righteous whole".
  • A person is righteous "coram mundo" when he is in a right relationship with the rest of creation and this is done through man's actions.
  • According to the Talmud, any non-Jew who lives according to the Seven Laws of Noah is regarded as a "Ger toshav" (righteous gentile), and is assured of a place in the world to come, the final reward of the righteous.
  • One of the Korean righteous armies of rebels was formed in the earlier 1900s after the Japanese occupation.
  • Abraham asks God "Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?
  • Historian Fatma Müge Göçek describes the stated aims of ASALA as "righteous" but the means sought for these aims, i.e.
  • It could also be expressed by the Avestan suffixes "-ānīy" / "-ēnīy": "ahlaw" 'righteous' > "ahlawēnīy" 'righteous woman'.
  • , "hidden righteous ones") or Lamed Vav Tzadikim ([...] , [...] "36 righteous ones"), often abbreviated to "Lamed Vav(niks)", [...] refers to 36 righteous people, a notion rooted within the mystical dimensions of Judaism.
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