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NOUN   rubbish | -
VERB   to rubbish | rubbished | rubbished
rubbishing | rubbishes
SYNO applesauce | codswallop | folderol | ...
Чепуха! [разг.]Rubbish! [esp. Br.]
чушь {ж} [разг.]rubbish [Br.] [coll.] [nonsense]
чепуха {ж} [разг.] [вздор]rubbish [esp Br.: nonsense]
мусор {м}rubbish [esp. Br.]
мусоропровод {м}
rubbish chute [Br.]
мусорная куча {ж}rubbish heap [esp. Br.]
мусорная куча {ж}heap of rubbish [esp. Br.]
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Usage Examples English
  • The organization "everwave" uses special rubbish collection boats in rivers and estuaries to prevent rubbish from entering the world's oceans.
  • In computer science, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is the concept that flawed, or nonsense (garbage) input data produces nonsense output. Rubbish in, rubbish out (RIRO) is an alternate wording.
  • The press dubbed the game 'The Dustbin Final' due in part to the feeling that the game had been "rubbish" but also for the bad reaction by Blackburn fans to the victorious Wolves team as they paraded the cup being pelted with match programmes, paper cups and other rubbish accumulated in the stands during the game.
  • Overfilled bins result in rubbish falling out while being tipped.
  • "Lap Sap" (垃圾) means "rubbish" in Cantonese. It is unclear why the bay was named "rubbish" in the past.

  • The Shire of Plantagenet provides the usual services that Western Australian local governments would supply. Rubbish collection is provided by Warren Blackwood Waste.
  • Today the organisation's focuses are equal in preventing new rubbish from entering the environment as well as removing what rubbish is already present.
  • Once any initial moves have been made from the guards, the stock is turned singly, cards being played directly to the foundation if possible or to any one of three rubbish heaps (or wastepiles) placed in a row at the bottom left of the tableau.
  • In the spring of 2018 Laughlin and George McGavin made a BBC Four documentary "The Secret Life of Landfill: A Rubbish History", exploring the fate and future of rubbish deposited in landfill sites.
  • To give an example of how it works: Residents are irritated by rubbish dumped by a playing field.

  • Rubbish blocked drains and sewers, causing flooding and stagnant water in which mosquitoes were able to breed.
  • Archaeological excavations in 1999 for the City Link Freeway exposed thousands of bottles and other rubbish from the tips, but it was not possible to distinguish remains of the settlement (which was built of tip rubbish on top of tip rubbish and eventually buried in tip rubbish).
  • She believes current recycling programs are good enough, even though Clean-up Australia claims beverage-related rubbish in Victoria now outnumbers cigarette-related rubbish.
  • In August 2015 Bromley Council was criticised over a 40-foot "stinking pile of rubbish" abandoned next to people's homes.
  • In 2018 McGavin and Zoe Laughlin made a BBC Four documentary "The Secret Life of Landfill: A Rubbish History", exploring the fate and future of rubbish deposited in landfill sites.

  • The river was once flanked by extensive marsh-lands and reed-beds, but these were filled in to build the town centre and a rubbish dump.
  • Father Pedro Opeka taught the Akamasoa people tips on how to divide and sort the rubbish, to transport the compost created from rubbish, and to create small agricultural farms.
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