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NOUN1   a seal | seals
VERB   to seal | sealed | sealed
sealing | seals
SYNO cachet | Navy SEAL | seal | ...
тюлень {м}
уплотнитель {м} [устройство]seal [against the passage of gas or water]
уплотнение {с} [устройство, предотвращающее утечку]seal [against the passage of gas or water]
печать {ж} [для получения оттиска] [тж. перен.]seal [stamp]
2 Words
тюленина {ж}
seal meat
Fiction (Literature and Film)
Седьмая печать [Ингмар Бергман]
The Seventh Seal [Ingmar Bergman]
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
чёрная акула {ж} [Dalatias licha]
seal shark
южноафриканский морской котик {м} [Arctocephalus pusillus]
South African fur seal
южноамериканский морской котик {м} [Arctocephalus australis]
South American fur seal
тысячелистник {м} обыкновенный [Achillea millefolium]
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Usage Examples English
  • In the Oceanarium's large outdoor seal pool, the Sealarium, visitors can get close to the two seal species common in Danish waters – the harbour seal and the grey seal.
  • Only the Caspian seal species of "Pusa" is endangered, while two subspecies of the ringed seal are vulnerable and endangered, Ladoga seal and Saimaa ringed seal respectively.
  • A wiper seal is an axial seal that creates a seal while allowing a reciprocating shaft to pass through the seal's inner bore.
  • "Polygonatum biflorum" (smooth Solomon's-seal, great Solomon's-seal, Solomon's seal) is an herbaceous flowering plant native to eastern and central North America.
  • Seal hunting, especially the more common harbor seal, was common everywhere farmers had access to seal breeding grounds.

  • The seals of the Antarctic Ocean include leopard seal "(Hydrurga leptonyx)", Weddell seal "(Leptonychotes weddellii)", the huge southern elephant seal "(Mirounga leonina)", crabeater seal "(Lobodon carcinophagus)" and Ross seal ("Ommatophoca rossii").
  • After having defined the services, seal types, and seal arrangements, a series of flowcharts were created to help in selecting a seal type, special materials or design requirements, and supporting piping plans.
  • The seal has changed multiple times over the years.
  • The heart of the rotary union is the seal. The seal prevents the medium from leaking outside the rotary union while in operation.
  • Often seal sculpture is combined with the side-engraving of the seal and the seal cutting. All of the three are basic elements to make a perfect seal, or the basic elements of seal art.

  • Beluga whales, Bearded seal, Ringed seal, Harp seal. Polar bears, and Walrus frequent the area.
  • Marine mammals include five breeding species of seal; the southern elephant seal, Australasian fur seal, subantarctic fur seal, Antarctic fur seal and the rare New Zealand sea lion, 95% of the world's population of which breed on the Auckland Islands.
  • The Hawaiian monk seal is one of two extant monk seal species; the other is the Mediterranean monk seal. A third species, the Caribbean monk seal, is extinct.
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