Translation for 'second class citizen' from English to Russian
NOUN   a second-class citizen | second-class citizens
гражданин {м} второго сортаsecond-class citizen
Partial Matches
гражданин {м}citizen
класс {м}class
секунда {ж}second
второй {adj}second
классный журнал {м}
class register
средний класс {м}
middle class
троюродный брат {м}second cousin
дополнительная секунда {ж}leap second
высшие слои {мн} общества
upper class {sg}
троюродная сестра {ж}second cousin [female]
Вторая мировая война {ж}
Second World War
Вторая Пуническая война {ж}
Second Punic War
миллиампер-секунда {ж} <мА⋅с>
milliampere-second <mAs>
вагон {м} третьего класса
third-class carriage [Br.]
сотая доля {ж} секунды
hundredth of a second
тысячная доля {ж} секундыthousandth of a second
возводить в квадрат
to raise to the second power
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Usage Examples English
  • Holly and her daughter have a fight and Holly tells her daughter that she has had enough of Rebecca treating her like a second class citizen.
  • "A G Stromberg: First Class Scientist, Second Class Citizen.
  • As a black soldier, he experienced the oppression and humiliation of being a second class citizen in his own Army.
  • As time goes by and the couple's supplies diminish, Elias, formerly a second-class citizen at best, finds himself in a position of power since he is the only one with the skills needed to survive.
  • Although it was possible for Armenians to achieve status and wealth in the Ottoman Empire, as a community they were never accorded more than "second-class citizen" status and were regarded as fundamentally alien to the Muslim character of Ottoman society.

  • I love it and I would like to play it where I feel welcome, not like some second-class citizen".
  • At the time of Robeson's widely misquoted declaration at the Paris Peace Conference that blacks would not support the United States in a war against the Soviet Union because of the continued lynchings and their legal second-class citizen status after World War II, Wilkins stated that regardless of the number of lynchings that then occurred or would occur, black Americans would always serve in the armed forces.
  • The case brought to the fore and created public awareness of the Sharia based Hudood Ordinances and the second class citizen position of women due to it.
  • If a non-Arab wished to convert to Islam, they not only had to give up their own names but also had to remain a second-class citizen.
  • Ido vividly describes the characters resentment against the white European expatriates that treat him as a second class citizen.

  • Witness countries like Switzerland, Israel and Japan where immigrants are not accepted as they lack the ethnic blood to become full members of the citizenry and can only be allowed a lesser status such as guest worker or second class citizen.
  • Hispanic Americans also faced segregation and other types of discrimination; they were regularly subject to second class citizen status, in practice if not by law.
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