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NOUN   a secretary bird | secretary birds
SYNO Sagittarius serpentarius | secretary bird
птица-секретарь {ж}
secretary bird
Partial Matches
секретарь {м}
министр {м}
секретарша {ж} [разг.]secretary [female]
секретер {м} [письменный стол]secretary [writing desk]
государственный секретарь {м} [в США]
Secretary of State [Am.]
птица {ж}
оседлая птица {ж}
sedentary bird
оседлая птица {ж}
resident (bird)
птичий корм {м}
bird food
оседлая птица {ж}
nonmigratory bird
вид {м} птиц
bird species
семейство {с} птиц
bird family
перелётная птица {ж}
migrant (bird)
хищная птица {ж}
raptorial bird
птаха {ж} [разг.] [птичка](small) bird
перелётная птица {ж}
migratory bird
черёмуха {ж} (обыкновенная) [Prunus padus]
bird cherry
птичий {adj}bird [attr.]
вид {м} птиц
species of bird
волан {м}
bird [Am.] [shuttlecock]
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Usage Examples English
  • He continued to appear in a number of stage roles later in his career including "The Secretary Bird", "Private Lives", "The Boy Friend", and "My Cousin Rachel".
  • Arthy made her London West End stage debut in 1969 with William Douglas-Home's "The Secretary Bird" playing opposite Kenneth More at the Savoy Theatre, and later a further West End appearance with Eartha Kitt in Norman Krasna's Broadway comedy "Bunny" at the Criterion Theatre.
  • Based on anatomical and ecological similarities to the modern secretary Bird, phorusrhacids may have used kicks to kill prey or defend kills.
  • Other indigenous species in the park include the African clawless otter, Stanley's bustard, Secretary bird and the Blue crane, South Africa's national bird. There are over 200 species of birds.
  • When alive, it may have resembled a cross between the secretary bird and crested caracara.

  • The osprey is usually placed in a separate family (Pandionidae), as is the secretary bird (Sagittariidae), and the New World vultures are also usually now regarded as a separate family or order.
  • Birds include the ostrich, the endemic Archer's lark, the secretary bird, Arabian and Kori bustards, Abyssinian roller, and crested francolin.
  • Issuant from the ends of the riband two pairs of elephant tusks curving inwards, the tips conjoined to the wings of the secretary bird, Or, therewithin and flanking the shields, two ears of wheat Brunatré.
  • Three pythons and one Secretary bird died during the voyage.
  • It probably had a lifestyle similar to that of the secretary bird of Africa.

  • Chinese ornithologists have often theorized that the zhen was similar to the secretary bird or the crested serpent eagle (which happens to live in Southern China) and gained their toxicity from ingesting poisonous snakes, similar to how the poison dart frogs produce poison by ingesting poisonous insects.
  • The genus name, which Feduccia and Voorhies translate as "false secretarybird," refers to the bird's superficial resemblance to the living secretary bird.
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