Translation for 'seventy three' from English to Russian
семьдесят триseventy-three
Partial Matches
семьдесят девятьseventy-nine
семьдесят восемьseventy-eight
семьдесят семьseventy-seven
семьдесят шестьseventy-six
семьдесят пятьseventy-five
семьдесят четыреseventy-four
семьдесят дваseventy-two
семьдесят одинseventy-one
девяносто триninety-three
шестьдесят триsixty-three
пятьдесят триfifty-three
сорок триforty-three
тридцать триthirty-three
двадцать триtwenty-three
три тысячиthree thousand
трёхэтажный {adj}
тристаthree hundred
восемьдесят триeighty-three
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Usage Examples English
  • Supreme Court during his career. Seventy-three were as Solicitor General, and 67 as a private lawyer.
  • From 2019 to 2021, BHP registered six cases of sexual assault and seventy three cases of sexual harassment.
  • In 1086 the Domesday Book records Bowden as a Royal Manor organised in seventy-three manors.
  • Bacharach wrote seventy-three U.S. and fifty-two UK Top 40 hits.
  • The CCCF had an electronic magazine called "Chaos Digest (ChaosD)". Between 4 January 1993 and 5 August 1993, seventy-three issues were published (...).

  • Fourteen painters, mosaicists and seventy-three sculptors participated in the creation of its ornamentation.
  • It occurs 217 times in the Masoretic Text: seventy-three times in the Psalms and fifty-five times in the Book of Job, and otherwise mostly in poetic passages or passages written in elevated prose.
  • Seventy-three per cent of the entire annual water yield occurs during the spring–summer season.
  • Dixon lost to the Conservative Party incumbent, Thomas Taylor, by seventy-three votes.
  • In 1994 there were eighty-five FM stations and seventy-three shortwave stations that covered the entire country.

  • Seventy-three percent of all Latvian residents confirmed their strong support for independence March 3 in an advisory referendum. A large number of ethnic Russians also voted for the proposition.
  • , it had three times the range of its predecessor. Seventy-three Mk.2s were built.
  • All hands on board died due to carbon monoxide poisoning and the flooding of the surfaced submarine during 80 hours of damage control in stormy conditions. Seventy-three crewmen survived.
  • The size of Slackware quickly increased with the addition of included software, and by version 2.1, released October 1994, it had more than tripled to comprise seventy-three 1.44M floppy disk images.
  • Since July 1999, there have been several notable seizures of acetic anhydride in Turkey (amounting to nearly seventeen metric tons) and Turkmenistan (totaling seventy-three metric tons).

  • 73 (seventy-three) is the natural number following 72 and preceding 74. In English, it is the smallest natural number with twelve letters in its spelled out name.
  • Seventy three of these individuals then formed themselves into a Particular Baptist Chapel and went on to build the Ebeneezer Baptist Church on Ashby Road, which was completed in 1881.
  • Catholic side opposition only commenced seventy-three years later, when it was occasioned by Galileo.
  • The main legislative body is the unicameral Legislative Yuan with 113 seats. Seventy-three are elected by popular vote from single-member constituencies; thirty-four are elected based on the proportion of nationwide votes received by participating political parties in a separate party list ballot; and six are elected from two three-member aboriginal constituencies.
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