Translation for 'side dish' from English to Russian
NOUN   a side dish | side dishes
SYNO entremets | side dish | side order
гарнир {м}
side dish
Partial Matches
кушанье {с} [блюдо]
блюдо {с}
овощное блюдо {с}
vegetable dish
мясное блюдо {с}
meat dish
рисовое блюдо {с}
rice dish
картофельное блюдо {с}
potato dish
рыбное блюдо {с}
fish dish
любимая еда {ж}
favorite dish [Am.]
любимая еда {ж}
favourite dish [Br.]
моющее средство {с}dish soap [Am.]
побочка {ж} [побочный эффект]
side effect
наветренная сторона {ж}
windward side
подветренная сторона {ж}lee (side)
стол-приставка {м}
side table
unverified бок о́ бок {adv} [тж. перен.]side by side
работать налево [разг.]
to work on the side
на левой стороне {adv}on the left-hand side
с правой стороны {adv}on the right-hand side
unverified на всякий случайto be on the safe side
unverified Надо быть оптимистомAlways look at the bright side of life
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Usage Examples English
  • The second has a red peel and an apple-like aftertaste, and the third and fourth are used as a starch on nearly every Caribbean island as a side dish, baked or fried: all of the above are a staple of Florida outdoor markets when in season and all have been grown in the Caribbean for almost 400 years.
  • The leaves are sometimes used in recipes, like potato soup or as a sauteed side dish.
  • Fries are a common side dish in Latin American cuisine or part of larger preparations such as the salchipapas in Peru or chorrillana in Chile.
  • In Austria, gnocchi are a common main or side dish, known by the original name and Austrian variant, "nockerl" (pl. "nockerln"). As a side dish, they may accompany main dishes like goulash.
  • In Bulgaria, tarator is a popular meze (appetizer) but is also served as a side dish along with Shopska salad with some meals.

  • In the west, this food may be served in a small portion as a soup. In China, a large bowl of it is often taken as a whole meal with or without any side dish.
  • Edamame are a common side dish in washoku and as an appetizer to alcoholic beverages such as beer or shōchū.
  • In Brazil, detoxified cassava is ground and cooked to a dry, often hard or crunchy meal known as "farofa" used as a condiment, toasted in butter, or eaten alone as a side dish.
  • In South Africa, sweet potatoes are often eaten as a side dish such as soetpatats.
  • Apple sauce is served as a side dish in northern Europe and North America.

  • Shallots are also used to make different types of "torshi" (ترشی), a sour Iranian side dish consisting of a variety of vegetables under vinegar, eaten with main dishes in small quantities.
  • Milie pap, also known as "Krummel pap", is a crumbled cornmeal that is often served as a side dish.
  • In Iran, tarragon is used as a side dish in sabzi khordan (fresh herbs), or in stews and Persian-style pickles, particularly khiar shoor (pickled cucumbers).
  • Cabbage is largely used as the basis of coleslaw, both as a side dish and on a variety of barbecued and fried meats.
  • In general the cuisine is very hearty and features many peculiarities of Mid-Germany such as a great variety of sauces which accompany the main dish and the fashion to serve potato dumplings (Klöße/Knödel) as a side dish instead of potatoes, pasta or rice.

  • Rice is a staple side dish in the Lowcountry region and in Southern Louisiana.
  • At some informal dinner parties, the host may ask guests to bring food or beverages (a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, or appetizers).
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