Translation for 'side effect' from English to Russian
NOUN1   a side-effect | side-effects
NOUN2   a side effect | side effects
SYNO fallout | side effect
побочка {ж} [побочный эффект]
side effect
Partial Matches
эффект {м}effect
парниковый эффект {м}
greenhouse effect
эффект {м} обратной связи
feedback effect
последствие {с}effect [result]
действие {с} [влияние]effect [influence]
произвести эффект [повлиять]to have an effect
подветренная сторона {ж}lee (side)
гарнир {м}
side dish
стол-приставка {м}
side table
наветренная сторона {ж}
windward side
unverified бок о́ бок {adv} [тж. перен.]side by side
работать налево [разг.]
to work on the side
с правой стороны {adv}on the right-hand side
на левой стороне {adv}on the left-hand side
unverified на всякий случайto be on the safe side
unverified Надо быть оптимистомAlways look at the bright side of life
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Usage Examples English
  • A side effect of the folding bead is a reduction in shelf and floor space needed to display cycle tires in a retail environment, as they are folded and placed in small boxes.
  • Epilepsy can also include transient aphasia as a prodromal or episodic symptom. Aphasia is also listed as a rare side-effect of the fentanyl patch, an opioid used to control chronic pain.
  • The mechanisms proposed for this side effect involve a TSH receptor common to both thyrocytes and retro-orbital tissue.
  • A usual side effect is that the interfaces between blocks become simple and generic.
  • The grooved tyres also had the unfortunate side effect of initially being of a harder compound to be able to hold the grooved tread blocks, which resulted in spectacular accidents in times of aerodynamic grip failure, as the harder compound could not grip the track as well.

  • In 1879 he began receiving hydrotherapy treatments at a spa near Meudon intended to improve what he believed was a circulatory problem, but in reality he was suffering from locomotor ataxia, a known side-effect of syphilis.
  • As a temporary side-effect, he gains full use of his legs and devotes his precious time to the youngest recruit on his team, Jubilee.
  • A protected object consists of encapsulated private data (which can only be accessed from within the protected object), and procedures, functions and entries which are guaranteed to be mutually exclusive (with the only exception of functions, which are required to be side effect free and can therefore run concurrently with other functions).
  • Smoking freebase cocaine has the additional effect of releasing methylecgonidine into the user's system due to the pyrolysis of the substance (a side effect which insufflating or injecting powder cocaine does not create).
  • This occurs through inhibition of the cAMP-producing enzyme, adenylate cyclase, as a side-effect of glucose transport into the cell.

  • Public services and state-owned companies were privatized (some for values supposedly too cheap according to his adversaries), the strong real made it easy to import goods, forcing Brazilian industry to modernize and compete (which had the side effect of causing many of them to be bought by foreign companies).
  • These increasing speeds had the side effect of dramatically reducing the noticeable effects of channel efficiency.
  • Another side effect can be heterotopic ossification, especially when a bone injury is combined with a head injury.
  • However, neutron radiation can have the unfortunate side-effect of leaving the affected area radioactive.
  • As a side effect, the Mercator projection inflates the size of objects away from the equator.

  • However, slow phosphor has the negative side-effect of causing image smearing and blurring when there is rapid on-screen motion occurring.
  • The Auger emission process was observed and published in 1922 by Lise Meitner, an Austrian-Swedish physicist, as a side effect in her competitive search for the nuclear beta electrons with the British physicist Charles Drummond Ellis.
  • It can be decreased by reducing dosage, discontinuing the medication, or switching to a different antidepressant that may have less propensity for causing this side effect.
  • However, many found it cumbersome and difficult to learn — a side effect of its design attempting to do too much and being too flexible.
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