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NOUN   social life | -
светская жизнь {ж}social life
общественная жизнь {ж}social life
Partial Matches
общественный {adj}
стадный {adj}
социальный {adj}
социал-либерализм {м}
social liberalism
социал-демократ {м}
social democrat
социальный работник {м}
social worker
социальное давление {с}
social pressure
социальное движение {с}
social movement
социальная сеть {ж}
social network
социал-дарвинизм {м}
social Darwinism
социальное сознание {с}
social cognition
социальное обеспечение {с}
social security [Br.] [Aus.]
жизнь {ж}life
страхование {с} жизни
life insurance
натюрморт {м}
still life
жизненный цикл {м}
life history
половая жизнь {ж}
sexual life
спасательный круг {м}
life ring
спасательный круг {м}
life belt
продолжительность {ж} жизниlife expectancy
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Usage Examples English
  • In his mature years he suffered from deafness, as recorded by Frances Burney, although this did not impede his lively social life.
  • There is evidence of it in funeral rites during the Punic Wars of the 3rd century BC, and thereafter it rapidly became an essential feature of politics and social life in the Roman world.
  • ("Even if we were descended from Jews ten times over, and even though I may be, in principle, completely in favour of equal rights for Hebrews, in social life I prefer Christians..." ...
  • Anne-Birthe Hove chose themes from Greenlandic social life.
  • "EastEnders" has been important in the history of British television drama, tackling many subjects that are considered to be controversial or taboo in British culture, and portraying a social life previously unseen on UK mainstream television.

  • The community was to be guided by Christian values in its politics, economics and social life.
  • Due to city growth, more enlaved people were brought to cities and the increase in social life in the cities made capoeira more prominent and allowed it to be taught and practiced among more people.
  • Scholars consider that the seeds of this total state concept already existed in the German state of World War I, which exercised full control of the press and other aspects economic and social life as espoused in the statement of state ideology known as the "Ideas of 1914".
  • His awareness of the temporal dimension of social life would lead to the formation of time geography through the works of Torsten Hägerstrand and Sven Godlund.
  • Steiner also suggested that Jewish cultural and social life had lost all contemporary relevance, however, and promoted full assimilation of the Jewish people into the nations in which they lived.

  • Another key psychohistorical concept is that of "group fantasy", which deMause regards as a mediating force between a psychoclass's collective childhood experiences (and the psychic conflicts emerging therefrom), and the psychoclass's behavior in politics, religion and other aspects of social life.
  • Breaking away from directly experienced reality was a common trend in 19th-century sciences (especially physics), and this was the effort which fundamentally determined the way economics tried (and still tries) to approach the economic aspects of social life.
  • Though Panama has made enormous advances in social mobility and racial integration, still much of economic and social life is controlled by a small number of families.
  • She disliked living in the state capital of Sacramento, which lacked the excitement, social life, and mild climate to which she was accustomed in Los Angeles.
  • This is an image associated with some earlier critiques of "mass culture" and mass society which generally assumed that the development of mass communication has had a largely negative impact on modern social life, creating a kind of bland and homogeneous culture which entertains individuals without challenging them.

  • Elites called for improving sanitation, which became part of Catherine's plans for increasing control over social life.
  • The Latvian Song and Dance Festival is an important event in Latvian culture and social life.
  • Hindu festivals (Sanskrit: "Utsava"; literally: "to lift higher") are ceremonies that weave individual and social life to dharma.
  • where he enjoyed an active social life. [...] He was briefly married to heiress Gertrude Heim Klemm from 17 July 1931 until her suicide on 5 August 1932 [...] (Klemm's gravestone gives the Paris wedding as 11 July [...]).
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