Translation for 'spiteful' from English to Russian
ADJ   spiteful | more spiteful | most spiteful
SYNO despiteful | spiteful | vindictive
unverified злобный {adj}spiteful
unverified злорадный {adj}spiteful
unverified язвительный {adj}spiteful
unverified недоброжелательный {adj}spiteful
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Translation for 'spiteful' from English to Russian

unverified злобный {adj}

unverified злорадный {adj}

unverified язвительный {adj}

unverified недоброжелательный {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The song's lyrics are a personal commentary, critical of a spiteful gossip-monger who spreads hearsay.
  • The Underground Man, in Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella "Notes from Underground", is an example of spite. His motivation remains constantly spiteful, undercutting his own existence and ability to live.
  • It was a spiteful affair with fights erupting at regular intervals.
  • "Subliminal Genocide" is a 2006 album by the American one-man black metal act Xasthur. It was reviewed as being "more spiteful than...previous albums".
  • In his 1970 paper "Selfish and Spiteful Behaviour in an Evolutionary Model" Hamilton considers the question of whether harm inflicted upon an organism must inevitably be a byproduct of adaptations for survival.

  • The second day's play was marred by spiteful clashes between Australian and English fans, which spilled onto the field and claimed Terry Alderman as an unfortunate victim.
  • Nicki tends to be spiteful, selfish, hypocritical, manipulative, dishonest and cold. and a deep suspicion of the world outside the compound.
  • If competitors place even a very small probability on the possibility that the monopolist is spiteful, and places intrinsic value on being (or appearing) aggressive, and the monopolist knows this, then even if the monopolist has payoffs as described above, responding to entry in an early town with aggression will be optimal if it increases the probability that later competitors place on the monopolist's being spiteful.
  • The story is told by Lisa Janusch, the spiteful and jealous head cheerleader of Lincoln High School's B-squad.
  • In 1948, "LIFE" magazine ran a story of an unknown Poison Penman who had been writing spiteful anonymous letters to the inhabitants of Robin Hood's Bay since 1928.

  • A hideous, vindictive, spiteful couple known as the Twits live together in a brick house without windows. They continuously play nasty practical jokes on each other out of hatred for each other.
  • She was described as proud, overbearing, and spiteful but also intelligent, witty and attractive, despite not being conventionally beautiful.
  • They also noted that the Spix were spiteful to other birds.
  • The use of the strong ABAB rhyme scheme maintains a spiteful and accusatory tone, and unpleasant adjectives such as 'greasy' are very much indicative of this.
  • When Christa was grown, Camille allowed her into her life, only to become jealous and spiteful of Christa.

  • Despite the spiteful nature of the match, Melbourne's Billy Slater won universal praise for his actions after the neck injury to Manly winger David Williams.
  • It was recently suggested that spiteful motivations may also play a role in economic decisions.
  • Hamilton's rule can also predict spiteful behaviors between non-relatives.
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