Translation for 'spring equinox' from English to Russian
SYNO March equinox | spring equinox | vernal equinox
весеннее равноденствие {с}
spring equinox
Partial Matches
равноденствие {с}
весеннее равноденствие {с}
vernal equinox
осеннее равноденствие {с}
autumn equinox
весеннее утро {с}spring morning
Пражская весна {ж}
Prague Spring
весеннее солнце {с}
spring sun
весенняя ночь {ж}spring night
эластичность {ж}spring [elasticity]
весна {ж}spring [springtime]
весною {adv}in spring
весной {adv}in spring
скачок {м}spring [leap]
упругость {ж} [походки]spring [bounciness]
весна {ж}spring [season]
белоцветник {м} весенний [Leucojum vernum]
spring snowflake
прыжок {м}spring [leap]
источник {м} [воды]spring [of water]
родник {м}spring [of water]
пружина {ж}spring [coiled metal]
ключ {м} [источник]spring [of water]
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Usage Examples English
  • The Quetzalcóatl Ritual is celebrated on the spring equinox and is similar to other spring equinox rituals held on other pyramids in Mexico, such as Teotihuacan.
  • A variety of festivals of pre-Christian origin had been celebrated at this time (halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice) to mark the beginning of summer, including Beltane in Ireland and Britain.
  • The first known recent public viewing of this event occurred on 21 March 2014 during the spring Equinox.
  • According to a convention established by NASA, the Martian year begins on its Northward equinox, the spring equinox of its northern hemisphere.
  • The "nadala" is usually paired with the "caramella", being one for the winter solstice events while the other to the spring equinox.

  • The festival was probably originally celebrated when the moon was full closest to the day exactly between the spring equinox and summer solstice.
  • Persian culture has a tradition of egg decorating, which takes place during the spring equinox.
  • Before the arrival of Christianity, Lieldienas was a spring equinox event, celebrating the victory of light over darkness.
  • The Qingming Festival (清明节) is celebrated on the fifteenth day after the Spring Equinox. It is celebrated in Vietnam as Tết Thanh Minh (節清明).
  • Some Neopagans celebrate it at the astronomical midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice (or the full moon nearest this point).

  • After the spring equinox the sun begins to wax again and the Holly King slowly regains his strength until he once again defeats the Oak King at the summer solstice.
  • The Iranian / Persian calendar, currently used in Iran and Afghanistan, also has 12 months. The Persian names are included in the parentheses. It begins on the northern Spring equinox.
  • May Day is a European festival of ancient origins marking the beginning of summer, usually celebrated on 1 May, around halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice.
  • The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum launched a substantial new exhibit on Spiritual and Physical Alchemy on the Spring Equinox 2015.
  • When Julius Caesar established the Julian calendar in 45 BC, he set 25 March as the date of the spring equinox; this was already the starting day of the year in the Persian and Indian calendars.

  • It is an observational calendar that starts on the spring equinox (Northern Hemisphere) and adds a single intercalated day to the last month (Esfand) once every four or five years; the first leap year occurs as the fifth year of the typical 33-year cycle and the remaining leap years occur every four years through the remainder of the 33-year cycle.
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